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Christmas Competition:|聖誕遊戲|圣诞游戏

Previously I said in my blog that I was going to play a game with everyone. Lately, I’ve been discussing with my colleagues about the rules of the competition and how to play the game. Okay, now I’m going to announce how this game works.

Counting back 12 days from December 24th, 2008; which means starting from today; I’m going to ask a question each day and post it in my blog. One question a day, a total of 12 questions.

Everyone who’d like to participate can go visit my website ( Read more

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TVB8 Awards Ceremony|TVB8頒獎典禮|TVB8颁奖典礼

Last Saturday, I was still in Taiwan as a guest presenter for the Golden Horse Awards. Then on Sunday afternoon, I returned back to Hong Kong and immediately rushed to attend the TVB8 Music Awards Ceremony. But that night I wasn’t there to present awards, I was actually there to receive awards! A very lucky Karen would like to thank everyone for your support. On the night, I received the “Best Female Singer Voted by China Viewers” award and the TVB8 Top Hits Golden Melody Award: Day Shift Night Shift. I will definitely ...Read more

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Perfume Autographing Session, Taipei |台北簽香會|台北签香会

Did you come to my perfume autographing session in Taipei last Thursday?

I know that my Taiwan friends have been very enthusiastic about my perfume so I especially arranged this perfume autographing trip to Taiwan because I wanted to personally thank everyone for their love and support. 

Read more

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CGI Asia Meeting

由美國前總統 克林頓發起的「克林頓全球倡議」在香港舉行會議。這是該組織首次在美國以外舉行全體會議。


莫文蔚被邀請為當晚唯一的表演嘉賓, 獻唱了兩首歌曲, 包括 Close to you和陰天.

Karen表示十分榮幸能參與一個那麼有意義的會議活動,而且可以於前總統克林頓前獻唱, 希望能夠給克林頓先生留下一個美好的香港印象.



Video: http://hk.youtube.com/watc...Read more

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Karen Mok Pink Christmas Perfume Autograph Session for Charity|KarenMok粉紅椰誕.慈善簽香會|KarenMok粉红椰诞.慈善签香会

To all friends who like Karen, don't miss this opportunity to meet her up close and personal!

KarenMok Pink Christmas.Perfume Autograph Session for Charity

Date: 4-Dec-2008


Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Department Store (Train Station), 1st Floor, Eastside door.

喜歡karen的朋友, 不要錯過跟她近距離接觸的機會啊!


日期: 2008年12月4日

下午3:00...Read more

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Karen Mok Women's Perfume|莫文蔚KAREN MOK女性香水|莫文蔚KAREN MOK女性香水

Celebrity Perfumes

Karen Mok Women's Perfume

 Recently over the past two years, the perfume market in China has fallen on average by 10-20%. However, self-titled perfumes launched by celebrities who have maintained a high popularity status; such as P.Diddy, Jennifer Lopez, and Sarah Jessica Parker have not been affected by current economic influences, reaching annual sales figures that push the 30,000 bottle mark.

Feelingoptimistic towards the fragrance market, Asian...Read more

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Perfume Advertisement Poster|香水廣告桌布|香水广告桌布

I feel so excited today because I was told that the sales for the perfume I just released in Taiwan has been extremely amazing. It's only been on sale for three weeks and it’s already sold out! I have to say a very heartfelt thank you to every friend who bought my perfume. I love you all to death. I'm going to Taiwan on the 4th of December to meet with everybody! So Taiwan fans, are you ready?

Have you downloaded the latest advertisement poster for my perfume yet? If you haven't, then you quickly...Read more

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Karen Mok Takes on the Role as the Only Guest Performer, Performing in the Presence of Former US President|莫文蔚擔任唯一表演嘉賓 在美國前總統前演出|莫文蔚担任唯一表演嘉宾 在美国前总统前演出

On the evening of December the 2nd, Karen will attend the first CGI Asia Meeting held by former US President, Bill Clinton, taking on the responsibility as the only guest performer during the evening gala dinner. Continuing from her performances at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games opening and closing ceremonies, Karen will once again perform in front of many influential political leaders and business representat...Read more

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December is Coming|十二月快到了

It’s nearly December, which also means that Christmas is coming soon.

Have you prepared anything for Christmas yet? I couldn’t wait and I’ve already taken out my Christmas tree at home! Christmas is a season that I look forward to the most each year because for an entire month, everywhere is filled with the happy and festive Christmas atmosphere.

I also started putting up the Christmas decorations with my colleagues today; we’re getting ready to welcome in December.Read more

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Baby Mok|莫寶寶|莫宝宝

To all of my Mok fans, ha ha, I have some wonderful news to tell you.

We have a new addition to our family of Karen Mok fans and I think that she is definitely our youngest member because she’s only 5 days old!

I only just found out from reading my fans message board that one of my fans whose beensupporting me for many years recently had a baby. I actually saw her last week when I was in Shanghai for work and her tummy was still very big. It wasn’t that long ago and now she’s become a mother already. I’m very happy for her.Read more

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