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New Years Day|年初一|年初一

Today is the first day of Chinese New Year, so of course I have to say an early New Year greeting to all my loving fans.

I wish that in the year of the Ox, everybody will be happy every day, have good health, find joy with work, all things go smoothly, have abundant food and clothing, and always have a smile on your face.

Earlier before, I mentioned how I took a series of New Year greetings photos for my fans. Today let me show you the first photo with the horoscope for those born in the year of the OxRead more

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New Year Greetings Cover Picture|賀年封面|贺年封面

It’s nearly Chinese New Year and although my appearance looks like I’m westernized, I actually care a lot about the traditions and customs for celebrating Chinese New Year. So I especially took some brand new Lunar New Year greetings photos for my website; the image on the main page of my website has already changed. Have you seen it yet?

To all my dearest fans that support me, you must remember to visit my website frequently!

Do you all like my appearance here?

I personally came up with the ...Read more

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New Year Dinner|團年飯|团年饭

Every year, I’d always celebrate Chinese New Year with the colleagues from my company and have dinner with my hair stylist, make-up artist, chauffeur, and dance choreographer. I celebrated with my colleagues because during the year we all fought hard and worked hard together so of course we have to share the successful results together as well! Lucky Karen is very fortunate and has a group of “fighting friends” who look after and support me, allowing me to perform on the stage with no worries or burdens. So no matter how busy I am wit...Read more

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Bali Trip|Bali 峇里之行|Bali 峇里之行

I was just invited by a magazine to go to Bali to shoot a new series of cover photos and interviews.

I always hear that Bali is sacred holiday place, with blue skies, clean air, clean water and sand. However I always don't have the chance to visit, but also being able to temporarily leave Hong Kong which has already entered winter and fly to Bali where all four seasons are summer, this time I could really get entertainment from work.  

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Watch Advertisement|手錶廣告|手錶广告

While my co-workers travelled on the MTR, they saw posters everywhere in the MTR station of me advertising for a wrist watch. So they decided to take some photos and showed them to me.

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Smokey Smokey

Today I will show you photos of my home's only black cat - Smokey.

Smokey is most afraid of the cold weather. Whenever I go home, he is the first to run up next to me and act like a spoilt child*. Whenever I lie on the sofa, he is also the first to come onto my thigh and curl his body up to get warm.


At dinnertime, Smokey...Read more

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Gargie Gargie

Last time I introduced Fury to everybody, now it’s your turn, Gargie!

Gargie is covered with curly fur. And on top of that, his appearance actually looks just like a little baby leopard. He’s so handsome![](/attachments/2009/01/208570_200901121238521.thumb.jpg)

Have a look at his eyes, they’re so clear just like glass.

Gargie loves...Read more

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Fury Fury

Seeing so many fans leaving messages for me, saying that my cat is very cute, I'm really happy that you like me and like the things I love. In fact, they really know how to ask my favour. They often put on different poses in front of me, that I just have to take a picture of how cute they are. Today I will share with everyone some photos of Fury!

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Karen Mok’s Fans Messages|莫迷留言|莫迷留言

I’ve noticed some fans have been regularly leaving messages for me. I’d like to tell everyone that I actually personally read every single piece of news or message left for me but work has just been too busy and I honestly haven’t had the chance to reply individually. But I promise that I will dedicate more time for you all because whenever I read about the things that have happened in your lives, I still feel that we are very close together even though we might be miles apart. Seeing the happiness in my fans also makes me...Read more

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Advertisement Shoot|廣告拍攝|广告拍摄

Yesterday, I just shot a series of photos for a new Canon advertisement. I have been in cooperation with this brand for many years now, and our relationship and friendship has also grown with each cooperation. Therefore seeing all the staff again to shoot this ad, we naturally have a more warm feeling. Moreover they often give me new products. I'm really thankful for the love from the advertisers.

I will keep the model a secret for now, I can only let you guys see the behind the scenes. Haha!

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