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The Guangzhou Love and Compassion Concert with Jackie Chan and Friends|成龍與他的朋友們廣州愛心演唱會|成龙与他的朋友们广州爱心演唱会

Today at the office, I received a souvenir gift from Jackie Chan. It immediately reminded me of a charity concert that I participated in last November held by Jackie in Guangzhou. I was already extremely happy to be given the opportunity to sing on the same stage as Jackie during the Olympics opening ceremony, and also meet up again during the closing ceremony. It never came across my mind that several months later, we could come together again and contribu...Read more

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An Unforgettable Year and one of Dreams Come True - 2008|難忘及美夢成真的一年 - 2008|难忘及美梦成真的一年 - 2008

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Happy New Year|新年快樂|新年快乐

At a blink of an eye, 2008 has already gone by just like that. I’m also very pleased that I was able to do a lot of things that I wanted to do in ‘08 and I achieved many of my wishes. For example, I launched my very own self-branded perfume range, participated at the opening ceremony for the Beijing Olympic Games, plus many other things. So I am actually very satisfied with my achievements over the past year!

During the days leading up to the welcoming of the New Year, I didn’t forget about work, didn’t stop one moment and im...Read more

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Lucky Winners|得獎幸福兒|得奖幸福儿

Today is the long-awaited big day because I will transform into Santa to draw out the lucky ones.Thank you for everyone's enthusiastic participation. Those who have not been drawn, don't be disappointed. Next time you will have another opportunity!

Friendship first, competition second.


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Very Merry Christmas|聖誕大快樂|圣诞大快乐

After doing the calculations many times over, my colleagues also have a headache now. But don’t worry, it doesn’t matter if you wrote your answer publically on the message board or if you sent me a private message, every friend who correctly answered a question and complied with the entry requirements, we will include every one of you. I am deeply grateful to everyone for participating enthusiastically but there are only 13 presents. I hope that everyone will remember that friendship comes first and competition comes second. ...Read more

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Question 12|問題12|问题12

Merry X'mas to everyone!

Everyone must have a happy Christmas Eve!

Today I will ask the last question, I really feel abit reluctant.

Firstly let me tell everyone what prize will be given to those who successively answered the twelve questions correctly and are drawn up!

Besides getting my set of five Christmas photos, there is also my personally autographed Christmas perfume gift set. Isn't it very attractive?

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Question 11|問題11|问题11

The weather is getting colder and colder lately and even though my cats have a nice thick coat of fur, I think they’re starting to feel the cold as well.

Every time after I finish work and go back home, they always come up to me and rub against my legs.

Sometimes while I’m lying on my sofa, they either come up on my tummy or snuggle up between my legs or next to my cheek to keep warm and then I wrap myself up in a blanket with them as well. They don’t even know that the warmest one is actually me. Ha ha.Read more

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Jiangsu Satellite TV "Music Let Me Say Love" - New Year Concert|江蘇衛視音樂讓我說love – 跨年演唱會|江苏卫视音乐让我说love – 跨年演唱会

Event: Jiangsu Satellite TV "Music Let Me Say Love" - New Year Concert

Location: Nanjing Olympic Sports Centre stadium

Date: December 31, 2008

Time: 7.30pm

Jiangsu Satellite TV - 2008-2009 New Year Concert will have the theme of love. The concert will last for over 4 hours. Well-known Taiwan host Aya will help host at the event. That night there will be four love-themed stories in total. There will be...Read more

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Question 10|問題10|问题10

It looks like that everybody found the questions from the past two days rather easy! Okay then, today I’ll give you a question that’s a little more challenging.

Billy has travelled with me to many places around the world. This time I took him to three different countries, pictured below, for work. Can you guess where the three countries are? (This time you have to correctly name the country and the city as well!)Read more

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Question 9 |問題9|问题9

I once acted in a film that I won "Hong Kong Film Award" Best Supporting Actress, does everyone remember which film it was and which director shot it? | 我曾經參演過一齣電影並且榮獲“香港電影金像獎”最佳女配角,大家又可否記得是那一齣電影跟又那一位導演所拍呢?| 我曾经参演过一齣电影并且荣获“香港电影金像奖”最佳女配角,大家又可否记得是那一齣电影跟又那一位导演所拍呢?

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