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"The 20th CASH Song Writers Quest" judge & featured artist|第20屆CASH流行歌曲創作比賽評判及表演嘉賓|第20届CASH流行歌曲创作比赛评判及表演嘉宾

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Hope everyone has a "good" heart|希望大家都"好心"

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Karen Mok's fragrance wedding | 莫文蔚的「香水婚禮」| 莫文蔚的「香水婚礼」

My fragrance is finally out! This press conference made me really nervous, I couldn't sleep very well for the nights before hand. After all, its kinda nerve-wracking to have such a grand press conference in Hong Kong! I was nervous and excited, it almost felt like a girl at her last bachelorette night, waiting to enter her marriage! At the end, it went smooth with everybody's hard work.  Read more

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那天一大早我就到了 salon讓化妝師及髮型師幫我悉心裝扮,再穿上我特地為這次而在歐洲搜購回來的束身衣,配上魚網絲襪及喱士高跟鞋,這都是由我自己親自配搭的哦!主要是為了配合今天真正的主角「 KAREN MOK The Fragrance」的魚網絲襪線條的設計,大家都為了這個概念希望能做到最好!

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KAREN MOK the Fragrance and the Official Web site are launched today! | 莫文蔚香水及官方網站今天誕生了!| 莫文蔚香水及官方网站今天诞生了!

October 9th, 2008: I've really waited a long time for this day to arrive and I'm really excited! It's because a dream that I've had for many years has finally come true! In fact, there are two good things that are happening today, so you can say that it's DOUBLE HAPPINESS!

First of all is an official announcement: My new and unique perfume comes out today. Really, I feel very honored because it's the first time an Asian s...Read more

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Karen Mok: The Fragrance

Karen Mok announces the launch of   KAREN MOK The Fragrance a Collection of Eau de Parfum, Body Lotion and Shower Gel.

Karen Mok together with DNA Beauteare playing a major role in paving the way for an Asian celebrity segment in the fragrance industry.

For the very first time, a major Asian Female Artist and a Cosmetic & Fragrance Company have come together to develop an...Read more

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2008 Asia Song Festival in Korea | 韓國2008亞洲音樂節 | 韩国2008亚洲音乐节

I just got back to Hong Kong from Korean the day before yesterday, and this time it was really a great honor to represent Hong Kong while attending the 2008 Asia Song Festival and the "Asia is One" concert and receive "The Best Asian Artist Award, Hong Kong". Moreover, it was an opportunity to work with all of Asia's most popular singers as we all performed on the same stage. Although I didn't have enough time to really get to know many of the other musicians,  South Kor...Read more

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A Letter to a Young Schoolmate, Zhang Wei|給小師妺張微的一封信|给小师妺张微的一封信

Dear Zhang Wei,

How are you? I’ve been very busy as usual, always travelling all over the place… Today I travelled to Soul to attend the “Asia Song Festival 2008”. While I was on the plane, I read a newspaper article about you and found out that you accidentlyinjured yourself while practicing on the uneven bars. I also went to the same school as you, the Diocesan Girls’ School, so I particularlyunderstand how you feel. Hopefully through this letter, I can offer you a little bit of suppor...Read more

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HK sees first celebrity fragrance range


"CAA-repped Karen Mok is first Asian star to release perfume line. "

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Seeking the Moon|追月|追月

(September 15) On a day where we traditionally seek the moon (also known as mid-autumn festival), I attended the “Hong Kong Army Forces Stationed in Hong Kong and Civilians Celebrate Mid Autumn Festival Event”. The duty of being stationed in Hong Kong for this group of Liberation Army Forces changes every two years and in recognition of their services, I especially took some time out today so I could attend this event at the Ngong Shuen Chau Barracks, sing a few songs for the army troopers and show my support. It was very meaningful.Read more

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