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The Good Life.

When I was a lil' girl, I imagined having a big beach house to live in. Steps from the sand. And now, that dream is true... well... for at least six weeks. This is one of those summers where life looks the way I've always wanted it to be.

That's right kids. A year and half ago, I got a mysterious letter in the mail saying I had been nominated for the Hermitage Artists Retreat on the Manasota Key off of Englewood, FL. I was nominated by one of their board members. I cried when I got the letter because pretty much the le...Read more

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Viva Las Wongster!

I am on a layover now at the Vegas airport. I'm on my way to Minneapolis for the Asian American Theater Conference. After that, I head to Florida to do a 6 week residency (with a quick trip back home for the UCLA commencement speech!) where I get to sit on the beach and expect to finally make some substantial progress on my book.

It's here! Rest time! Artist time! Real artist time! Not admin crap time. I can't believe it. I scheduled this residency over a year ago! And it's finally arrived.

I'...Read more

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Nose picking, straight pimping.

I haven't blogged in forever. I started a blog about how weddings are dumb and then saved it as a draft, only to have a massive fall off my bike the next day (I'm ok, but I'm massively bruised up). Then I spent the whole week trying to write this grant which I finally finished last night. That grant was no joke. I easily had 10 drafts of it before I finally gave up and decided it was done. Folks who think it's easy to get someone else to give you money to do art are seriously deluded. If I get this grant,...Read more

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Obama... you still owe me a shirt!

So for once, in our somewhat impersonal email relationship, Obama emails me, not to ask me for more money... but to tell me... we are pretty much within reach.

It's sweet. But where is my shirt?

The guy asks me every two days for $25. He flakes out on sending me my shirt and I get no time with him because he's so busy with his "career." Geez Louise Obama! Are you my boyfriend or what? Because you are reminding me...Read more

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Helping Others.

I'm overwhelmed by the world outside the United States that is being ravaged. Earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes.

I was on the bus on my way to the mechanic (a place my car loves to be lately), and reading in the LA Times that the best way to help the people in Myanmar would be to give to Unicef. They have an office in Myanmar and are so large and independent that they are able to work around a lot of the government BS.

So I am walking and going through my money in my head and trying to figure out, "How much could I...Read more

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Hocus Focus

Yet another photo that will keep me single for a long time...

Well, I've been spit out of a busy week. I'm happy to be back in LA. Sad to hear about Myanmar. And fighting off headaches that I get when I think about the "Austrian Incest Dad" case. Blech. But Obama is looking up and I've just mounted a big poster of him on foam core for my kitchen.

This weekend was really nuts.

On Saturday, I was performing as Fannie and Offi...Read more

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Fannie's back, back again.

Just when you thought the old broad had gone home to roost, she's BAAAACK!

This year's VC film fest has multiple mentions of "Miss Chinatowns." The opening night Ping Pong Playa(in which, I have a "blink or you'll miss it" cameo as Miss Chinatown), the Xin Lu Bus Tour features a guerilla performance by Fannie Wong, and of course the documentary Yours Truly, Miss Chinatownfollows me and two other Miss Chinatowns....Read more

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So what's the difference... I mean... really?

Polygamist Tom Green and his wives.

Polygamist cult sect.

"All they talk about is how sacred their men are."

Polygamist cult sect.

"They were underaged girls. Many were much younger than the men."

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resurrecting the dinosaur.

I'm in a cafe in Williamsburg. I will miss it here. Even in all it's hipster obnoxiousness. This has been a fun time. I leave Wednesday.

I just had a meeting with a writer and tech geek who offered to help me re-design that 1999 beacon of bad HTML... www.bigbadchinesemama.com. He feels really ambitious that a new design with better features could bring life back to the project which has just sat in dusty college feminist studies memory. Looking at...Read more

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Yours Truly, Kristina Wong

Hey everyone, the "Yours Truly, Miss Chinatown" documentary in which you can see 5+ years of Kristina Wong bad hair is premiering in Los Angeles soon. See the trailer below....

Screening information for LA is here. I'm actually scheduled to be performing as "Fannie Wong, Former Miss Chinatown 2nd Runner Up" on Read more

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