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Cockblocking Gems of Internet Past

I'm in Homer, Alaska and love it so much that I am pretty much a full blown Homersexual. The small town charm cannot be beat.

I am inside though most of today because it's bitterly cold and windy out. My face is getting chapped pretty fast.

I am redesigning my website with the help of the folks at Atomic Kitchen Graphic Design! I was going through old pages and totally forgotten that at one point way back when, I whored out my male friends t...Read more

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Clowning Around in Anchorage

A rare sighting of a wild Alaskan clown.

My last show in Anchorage is in about three hours and the shows have gone really well. I am spoiled by experiences like these. Rolling into towns I've never been in before, where I hardly know anyone and they come! They pay their hard earned money to see what I have to see. They come like audiences in LA won't come if you don't drag them in.

Last night's show was a...Read more

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How did this inauguration become my porn?

I've watched him get sworn in like how many times already? And I'll probably watch today's footage again and again. Looking for a new camera angle I had not noticed. A new glint in his smile... A hot new dance position he takes with his wife...

I'm searching for clips online, recovering the moments I've missed, and drinking them in like a hungry unsatiable American beast. Mentally reliving an even...Read more

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Go ahead, watch it again. You earned it America.

Nope, it's not a dream. Watched this with a cheering crowd of hundreds at the Wendy Williamson Auditorium at the University of Anchorage, Alaska. Got there at 7am, when it was over the sun had not come up yet, but it was like we all saw the light.

I kept looking around thinking, "Did everyone see what I just saw?"

Watch it again![](/attachments/2009/06/14/16/85734_20090614160301493.gif)

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I want my apocalypse!

Sure, I've been here in Anchorage for less than 24 hours, but I was really expecting something much more apocalyptic when I arrived. You know, 100 degrees below zero, moose and grizzly bears roaming the unpaved streets, Midnight 24/7 that would sap my emotional core and leave me in a deep unending depression, Super Christian teenagers with names like Twig and Birch speaking in tongues to the...Read more

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Alaska! Here I cold...

So with the sun shining so bright in Los Angeles, it only makes sense in Kristina Wong logic land that I go to Alaska for two weeks to do shows in Anchorage and Homer (where I'll meet the guy you see above from the Homer, AK website). The sun comes up for like 10 seconds a day this time of year, so pretty much it will be like a two week long evening in 17 degree weather. We shall see if my sanity survives. I'm popping Vitamin D pills and staring int...Read more

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Car(e)less in LA, The Wong Sans Wheels Chronicles #9: Zipcrap

Zipcar: wheels when you want them. Learn more.

Argh! How did Zipcar manage to ruin my Sunday?

I've had an hour and half to calm down (that's how long it took me to WALK home from the Zipcar lot, when I should have been driving away from it-- oh yes) but really, ...Read more

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Celebrating Christmas by Condemning the Innocent-- Tune into KPFK.org 90.7 at 7am Christmas Day!

Tomorrow we celebrate the birth of Christ in our separation of church and state country by gorging on food and indulging in rampant consumerism and waste. Oh yes, and we spend time with those we love.....

So what better day than Christmas to read bad poetry and overly dramatic entries from the journals I kept as a 13 year old?

Tune in at 7am PST on Christmas Day as Riku Matsuda has me on his morning show reading 13 year old Kristina Wong diary e...Read more

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Poems by Kristina Wong, Age 13

I was looking through old journals for some teenage writing to submit to Mortified (a reading series of adults reading from their teen journals). I'm learning that not only was I not getting laid at 13, but I was also a bitch, a homophobe, and a hopeless/hapless romantic.

Come and read some of the great delights of my youth. Transcribed below. I'm screaming as I read some of this stuff. It's godawful and so wonderously embarrassing. But I can just pin the blame of these literary horrors on my youth and sassy...Read more

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Wong Sans Wheels Chronicles #8: How did my $6.99 Rent-a-car become $49?

I'm in SF now, and want to tell you about my experiences with $6.99 rent-a-car. Or as I call it... "No free lunch rent-a-car."

Last Sunday, being the social butterfly that I am, I found myself with invites to five events all over town on one day, and all but a bus pass to get me from Culver City to Santa Monica to Glendale, etc. Seemed like I had full license to treat myself to a car rental!

Only problem was, to take out the Zipcar (my carshare service) ...Read more

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