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Batshit Crazy.

Ok, I know I've been blogging a lot. But now that I feel somewhat less spooked I can write about this. Basically. There's a ghost in this house. This has been confirmed by the Director. It's the grandma of the guy who built this house in 1907. And during some seance they had way back when, she said she was happy with how this house is now being used. And she's friendly. And her presence has been confirmed by the board. I wish she would help me kill these roaches and write the novel. But it's creeping me out a bit....Read more

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Obama can kiss my baby anytime.

This is easily the cutest news story this year.

I want this man to be my President! And I want to be his mistress. OH...BAMA!!!!!!

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Roach Killah!!!

The exterminator came today but still these roaches roam the bathroom here. So today I decided, if I can't beat them, cast them. I tell you, it isn't easy to shoot, star, and kill in your own short film. These are both pretty good. The second one is more dramatic. Bug killing makes for the perfect subject for a short film. Characters, conflict, rising action, climax, and resolution.

Film #1

Film #2

Today I went to the local playhouse to ...Read more

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I want to save every fetus in Florida. I really do.

Saving a Fetus in Florida from kristina wong on Vimeo.

So now my videoblogs are getting so long and windy that I actually have to host them on Vimeo! Anyway, this one is good! I hope you will listen to today's big moral debacle about whether or not to save a child...Read more

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RIP George Carlin

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Take me, I'm Yours.

So he still hasn't sent me my shirt. There's no denying love at first sight. I'd fist bump that man all night long if he'd let me.

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Let's see how long this lasts.


Can a blip on the cultural world named Kristina Wong even last on wikipedia for more than a week?

Btw, looking up your colleagues and mentors on wikipedia is a surefire way to feel under accomplished and old. I was knee deep in colleague stalking and just about to seep into that horrible place in my head called "wah wah wah, my past! my past!" when the UPS truck rolls up to the beach...Read more

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Pomp and Circumstance

That would be me on the Jumbotron....

I'm back in Florida at the beach house after spending the night on a red eye flight. I got in this morning. Can I say that the neck pillow ranks as one of the world's best inventions? I slept so much better with the neck pillow than on the flight to LA where my bobbing neck almost snapped in half trying to sleep!

Well, my weekend was unreal. I went from running among the geckos on this Florida island, to...Read more

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The Writer's Blocked Life

This is what it looks like over the gulf right before the storms come in.

I'm so so so so close to finishing this commencement speech. It's killing me. It's taking me days to articulate and filter down what I want to say. It's hard when I can't rely on my old stand-bys to get me through this speech-- no profanity, no strap on vag, no-strap on weiner, no battery powered unitard or karaoke machine, no excessive costuming or super inter...Read more

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The Unstructured Life.

As you can see. I am getting used to being here. And as relaxed as it is-- the isolation, the wildlife, and the long list of stuff I need to accomplish while out here has stacked quite the learning curve. It's actually harder than I thought it would be to figure out how to spend my time here. Time is flying and there's too much work to do.

My commencement speech for this weekend is still tiptoeing together. I have such high standards for how I want it to go off. But I can't shake off the crappy unsolicited a...Read more

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