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Decrapathon: The Update

If you were curious. I set a goal a few posts ago to reduce the contents of my apartment by half. Sell at least $1000 of crap out of this place (via Amazon and Craigslist) and put that moolah into my friend's restaurant. And move move move stuff out of here!

So far, I've made $500 ridding the crap out of this place.

Some nice surprises...

Got about $70 for a stack of old Bust and Adbusters Magazines.

Got $100 for a wetsuit I will never use.

The more I go visit my friends in their nic...Read more

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The Great Purge: The 100 item challenge!

I am trying to reduce the contents of my apartment by one-half. It's supposed to be good feng shui, especially for attracting a partner into your life. It also helps align your life for the next great moment. And I need this. I'm not purging to attract a partner though, I'm purging to clean this freaking place up! Yikes! Seven years in West LA yields a lot of crap! I sure have a knack for accumulation.

I am also trying to liquidate assets I do not need. My goal is to come up with $1000 fo...Read more

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Where the hell are you Kristina?

I'm still in LA. My folks are staying with me for a few days. I've been sewing and doing my thing. I've also been very post election bluesy....

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Yes, we did.

I woke up, slightly hungover from a lot of late night celebrating to a slew of text messages this morning. They include:

"Pinch me."

"Good morning. No, last night was not a dream. It really is a new day for America."

"Good morning to a new page in American history!"

"Yes we can (crap in our pants)"

I was surprised how early John McCain conceded but he so got his ass handed to him.

Last night...Read more

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It's like a test but there are no grades...

Unfortunately, many of the fungoers out in West Hollywood did not have the imagination to see that I was Sarah Palin on Halloween night. It could have been all the excessive props (tiara, sash, assault rifle and binoculars for seeing Russia).

I can't believe I am setting my alarm at 6:15am so that I can exercise my right to vote today/tomorrow. I've been batshit antsy about this election. I don't want to miss my chance to...Read more

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And now.... The wait....

Not bad. I got to my polling place at 7:04 am and was out of there just before 8am. The word on the East Coast from my tech Jen in Philadelphia was that the lines were 2 hours long.

Which leaves me wondering... either West LA polling places are super efficient or not enough people are voting!?!

But I loved being in that line with my fellow Americans, I took at least 20 photos of the who...Read more

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Gesbian Pride

My awesome trans friend Riku commented that this has been the gayest week of my life. And more awesome than that, he said that I may have actually "out-gayed" our gay as hell friend D'lo this week.

It really has. I was out campaigning for "No on Prop 8" on Wednesday. It had been a while since I stood out on the street with a sign rallying. And yesterday, I coordinated "Kristina's Lesbian Jamboree." It was a gathering of...Read more

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Just one more week and all this shit will soon be over.

Today I am doing some work on the "No on 8" Campaign. I've not done direct political campaigning work but I feel both a need to speak out against such an awful proposition and also feel involved in this vote. What a freaking backwards ass proposition. I opened the paper last week and some fear freak took a full page ad out with a picture of Jesus on the cross and a quote from Leviticus about how a "man should not lie with a man." And then it's followed with a tagline &quo...Read more

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Hello it's 4:55am, can someone explain retirement funds to me?

Yet again, the economy has interrupted any semblance of normal sleep patterns to bring me....


How is it I am becoming my parents? I never thought I'd be obsessed with things like retirement and the stock market. I always figured if I got old and had no savings that I'd do background work in movies because ol...Read more

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Hello it's 3am, can you teach me about the stock market?

I rarely stay up past midnight, but I was lying in bed as I have been the last few nights looking around at this same darn West LA apartment that I've been living in for the last seven years with it's dingy carpets and cottage cheese ceilings, and post-college furnishings, and yes... rent control (though steadily increasing at 3% a year).... and I'm thinking....

"I need to get out of here. I really ...Read more

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