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Open House #3: Home Onerous

I woke up the other night to the sounds of a police helicopter circling for what sounded like hours. I fell asleep and then woke up again to the sounds of homeless people crushing cans in the alleyway.
Yep, I'm back home in Los Angeles.

I just got off a Skype call with my director Katie Pearl where I cried and cried and yes, cried to her. We just finished an amazing run of Wong Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest in Arizona last weekend. It was sold out, standing ovation, they put me up in a 3000 seat theater (bu...Read more

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From the woods to the desert!

From the snow to the desert. I am in the Grady Gammage theater right now and there are like 12 crew people setting up the stage for me. Oh no wait... they are BUILDING a stage for me. JESUS! Is this really my life? The show is almost sold out and I've never even been here before. My name shows up on advertisements next to Mary Poppins which also plays here. The talk I'm giving tonight will have like 80 people there.

I give talks in different classes every day and someone from ASU picks me up and drops me b...Read more

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A film I co-wrote and acted in last April in Chicago is playing in a film festival in Gstaad, Switzerland!And it's up for an award called the "Golden Cow"! It was a blast working with my crazy talented director friend Masahiro Sugano and it felt like one of those really exciting true collaborations where you are just running with ideas and going going going.

But the best part is you all get to see me making out with this guy Dwight on a lawn full of goos...Read more

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Leonard Bernstein and Kristina Wong-- Same difference.

Today the staff at MacDowell did a mid-day champagne toast. The deadline for summer residency applicants was today and they got over 1000 entries for 70 slots. It's a record for them and a new feat in their popularity. Jesus, it really has me questioning how I managed to get in here.

I am writing a poem called "The Mother Teresa of Pussy." I also wrote a three page monologue about how cats are better than men. I wonder if Aaron Copeland is turning in his grave.

I feel...Read more

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What is your motivation?

I've edited another video in my process for you all to see.

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From the trees comes the sap...

I started writing a monologue about faking love, based on some facebook input to my question, "At what point do we fear the same human intimacy we want/crave? And, why will we settle for faked love?"

And next thing I know, I'm like cutting text and hitting the tab key all up in here and suddenly I had the first poem I've written in years.

I've been reading a lot of poetry here which I don't do too often. When I'm stuck on words I like reading them shilled down to their essence. Read more

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Gorgeous, gorgeous winter.

Another video transmission from my first New Hampshire winter.

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"Real quick, what's the meaning of life?"

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Happy New Year from the MacDowell Colony!

Look at where I live for the next 3 weeks!

There's so much to tell you all. The food here is amazing. I had crepes with mushrooms and goat cheese this morning. And last night we had catfish. It's like eating every day at a restaurant where you don't even have to tip. Or pay.... This is insane. Who thought of this artist colony idea? It's brilli...Read more

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I'm at the MacDowell Colony: Watch me Poop Brilliance!

Here are the first glimpses of my private winter paradise. I'm trying to get used to things like... snow... or trying to use a fireplace. And all the static in my hair. And of couse... time time time!

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