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Cat Lady Press and a Snuff Film

The LA Times Article on my new work and the NOW Festival at REDCAT came out.....

Folks had requested I do another one of these but there were no roaches to kill... except for a brief cameo tonight... Short but sweet, and now I have another artist to help me shoot!

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The Wedding of Kristina and Kristina-- almost 1.5 months strong.

I hit a grumpy moment when my cell phone charger conked out just a couple hours ago. It's inexplicably wet on the inside. I have no idea how. But it is. There's no puddle or leak in the cottage, it just stopped working and was all wet inside and plugged in nowhere near water. Nature most definitely has turned against me. First, it was my keyboard ($185 to restore the F key!). Now my phone charger. Next it will be... my other electric powered vices....

It's her w...Read more

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Don't be scared of the future.

IMG_1674 Originally uploaded by lewongsterI know I must seem annoyingly utopic to read, especially if you are at your day job when you read my blog and I'm here on the beach being artsy.

"Damn that Kris...Read more

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Basically, I'm living on the cover of some kind of religious literature.

IMG00291 Originally uploaded by lewongsterI feel like when I am walking around here, big font that says "AWAKE!" should show up in the upper left hand corner of the sk...Read more

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are the luckiest people....

look what i have!!!

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fishing with crackers

Hey riends, my f key is still out, so this update is mostly video and pictures.

Kristina Wong-- Fishing with Crackers Videoblog 7/5/08 from kristina wong on Vimeo.

Summing up my day with the redneck dad I never had.

Me showing my rod.

This is what I almost caught except like ...Read more

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people can make babies

perhaps, blogging under the influence of several many glasses of wine is a bad idea.  but i always think wine is a great way to step outside my body and look at my world.  ok.  so right now, i am on facebook looking at my friends from college, and they are all having babies.  this is totally nuts, because i am married to myself and drinking wine in florida.  i've not had much of a desire to reproduce.  but i did think lately i should adopt a kids from china when i am in my 40s.  and i will give her a name like "awesome wong&qu...Read more

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independence day

Oh, that was a bad idea to drink all that wine by myself.  I am here with crackers (the kind you eat, not the kind that live in Florida) trying to make this headache go away. On an up note, being totally inebriated last night allowed me to call and text half the names in my address book and tell people how much I love them.  I actually almost drunk dialed my folks.  That would have been interesting.Yesterday I was thinking how it's so odd that I'm not even friends with my friends anymore on Facebook or Myspace, but with their wedding...Read more

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I'm ucked again

Letter down! Letter down!

argh! I was so excited because it looked like my f key (i had to cut and paste that "f") was as easy to ix as a squirt o air rom these computer guys in Sarasota who ixed it ree o charge by just cleaning under the key. But screwed again because I was here typing and it went out again.

Anyway. I think the ghost is back. Thefan is shaking in a creepy way. And weird things tend to turn on when they shouldn't. But ...Read more

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Flexing new muscles...

You go out for all of 3 minutes without any bug spray on and..... ARGH!!!!! I am covered with bites from my legs to my arms! This sucks!! The bites are huge and HOT (not in a good way). Yet another reason why I'll be inside writing the book. It's gorgeous out, but nature is mean! By the way, I am so so so so close to polishing off a brand new first 50 pages of my novel. It's been really great to be totally in the writing zone. I'm findin...Read more

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