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OPEN HOUSE #8: Homeowning Hiccups

I took Oliver to the vet for the first time ever in all the years I've owned him. And after I got the bill, I think I must table the plans I had to install hardwood floors in the loft. Oh, tis life.

He screwed up his tail somehow and had an infect...Read more

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Crassy Lady

Greetings from Philadelphia!

I'm here for a ten day residency that started with me doing my "Wong Sans Wheels" show. All week we're working on a new show that goes up Saturday dealing with issues of "home." Very apropro for me with all the moving and new transition in to an adult's adulthood. The show actually translated well over here. I inserted all sorts of slides comparing Philly to Los Angeles to paint how not-pedestrian friendly LA is.

But what was the most awesome surprise was that my fr...Read more

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OPEN HOUSE #7: Sweet Sweet Love

I had a real estate orgasm Wednesday when I finally officially got notice of official close of escrow at 3pm on March 17, St. Patrick's Day. I was so excited about closing escrow that I misplaced my keys to the old place twice trying to get out the door to Koreatown.

Read more

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OPEN HOUSE #6: Homeowning has Killed My Libido

It's quite possible that any desire to love or get closer to another human being has been completely obliterated for the next 30 years-- the amount of time I have left to pay off my mortgage.

It's been a while since this little cat lady has gone on a date. And last night I found myself invited (thankyouverymuch) out to dinner and a show. He's a totally cute fella and we get along enough. And he even pulls up in his shiny new convertible with the top down to pick me up. He asked how I was...Read more

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OPEN HOUSE #5: Sustainable home

Last night was Friday night. Rather than go on a date, party, see a show or live life, I was on Ikea.com trying to pick out the set pieces for the rest of my life.

It looks like I might close escrow as soon as Monday and pick up my keys Wednesday. I did the final home inspection Thursday and feel really great about this new life transition. I feel totally confident about thi...Read more

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Could I inflect any more in my voice? Geez.

Greetings from Syracuse, NY where I've been an artist-in-residence since Monday night. It was a packed three days of lectures, workshops and a performance for a video art class. I also bought a "Bumpit" at the RITE AID to get down Snooki Wong style. But it wasn't as trashcan as I was hoping it would be.

Now I get on a Greyhound bus at 1:15am bound for NYC. I'm going to work on my Cat Lady play for a few days then go home to LA where I can pack my stuff up, close escrow on the con...Read more

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I emerge from my blogging silence in a hotel room in Tulsa, OK where the short version of the story is I had a helluva week. The long version of this week is reserved for a shrink's couch or tell-all autobiography. But in short, I'm no longer the nauseous home-buying mess that I was in LA. I'm feeling much better. I'm ready to face the world again when I close escrow in mid-March and enter life as a...Read more

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OPEN HOUSE #4: Almost packing my bags...

With some confidence I think I can announce that I've almost bought a condo!

It's not final. But I think.... soon I will be the owner of a lovely 1600 square foot condo. Two bedrooms and a loft. Hardwood floors. A washer and dryer, dishwasher and even a rooftop terrace for gardening. All mine.

Yes, it all happened that fast. And I can't even explain half of what I did or what happened, I've been in a daze of real estate terminology, home inspections, and handing over checks for ...Read more

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Brian Feldman Marries Anybody

I got a little teary watching this clip of my friend Brian marrying a total stranger as his way of showing how ridiculous laws barring gay marriage are. Why can two straight strangers marry but not a loving gay couple that has been together forever? Why aren't they entitled to the same rights?

If anything, Brian's gesture a great satire of weddings. Why do straight people commit to one person FOREVER? Why do straight people get married so fast? Why do straight women get into these legally binding arrangemen...Read more

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Marriage is for a bunch of freaking queers.

Brian Feldman will marry ANYONE! from Concrete Lion Pictures on Vimeo.

I take a break from the nauseating task of trying to buy a home in LA, to share with you the latest brilliant project of my friend Brian Feldman. You may remember him from Read more

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