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Blog Rehash: A Shot at Love with Kristina Wong

I just saw a casting notice for "Shot at Love 4"-- they are looking for a new bi-bachelorette star. Oh man, I have arrived. I have arrived like damaged mail.

Network executives! I have a pitch that will be sure to increase your viewership among performance art aficionados, third wave feminist academics, and nasty old white pervies. It's A Shot at Love with Kristina Wong!

Synopsis:36 beautiful men and women (mostly Korean) ranging from ages 22-80 move into Kristina's 2 bedroom ...Read more

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These are the Children that make me Nauseous

Embedded video from CNN Video

Someone wipe the lipstick off this kid's face.

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Drastic = Sushi Making Class

If you known me for a while, you know that sometimes I'll have blogs (like my last one) that end with me saying fatalistic things like: "I'm joining a cult!," then there is silence for a few days, and then the next entry will be something frivolous about a new haircut or something. With no mention of my previous freak out.

Anyway, I keep forgetting that these six weeks of relatively unstructured time in Los Angeles is for me to write, administrate, and do all those things that I need to do to keep work...Read more

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Oh life...

It keeps happening lately, especially now, in this economy, when I return to Los Angeles for a long stretch of time. But especially lately, now that Wong Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest is done and there are new shows to be made.

I am left atop an empty pocket of air. Wondering, what am I to do with this time on earth.

Yes, the meaning of life question.

I don't know what there is in this city anymore. I've been here a long long time. And I accomplished what a huge life goal was... to make a good living as an ar...Read more

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No, this is not my mother when I told her that I wanted to be an artist when I grew up. This is me at the Detroit airport two days ago.

Dear person who designed the Detroit Airport,

I am writing you this letter now from bed where I've been out of commission for two days. I have been hacking, blowing my nose (my laundry hamper full of wet mucus filled hankies), and sleeping in odd positions to clear my blocked nostril into the semi clear one. I am unproductive in my ailing which is not good because I am self-employed and every mom...Read more

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Feb 14: "Singles Awareness Day"

Today I did stand-up at the Laugh Lounge in the Lower East Side. I'm quite cynical and don't believe that anyone goes to see stand-up anymore, especially in this economy, or when you can see it for free online, or when it is Valentine's Day and there are meals to be eaten and action to be had.

I am wrong. There were plenty of couples looking to laugh it out before getting their rocks off. In fact the show was so sold out that I gave up my seat at the comics' table to some audience member...Read more

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As cliched as a ladies haircut on a skeletous male resident of Williamsburg

Here I am. Did you miss me?

I am sitting in a cafe on Bedford Ave in Williamsburg where I am attempting to WRITE funny. I decided to extend my trip to Yale by nine days to get some funny written while staying in Williamsburg. So far I have a bunch of halfway decent "Top Ten Lists." And a lot of stray thoughts that aren't hitting the paper/screen right.

Perhaps people don't actually getting writing done as cafes, perhaps they just look like they a...Read more

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letting go.

We buried my grandfather today. Now I am at the airport where 15 hours of travel to New Haven await. I can't believe I was in Alaska two days ago. I've been travelling quite well considering I'm going three nights and only had a real bed for one of them.

I've cried and cried. I read a eulogy. And I got to see a lot of my Chinese relatives from when I was a kid. So much of him remains with me. I learned a lot today about integrity and maybe, what life is about. I look at his life, how much he built from nothing and ...Read more

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Yesterday was tough. I'd anticipated this phone call for some time and when it came it was both sad and relieving.

My grandfather passed away in San Francisco yesterday in the care home he was staying in. He was 89 years old.

He'd been in a great deal of pain and his quality of life had deteriorated for quite some time. It was always so hard for me to say goodbye to him before leaving for LA because I wasn't sure if I'd see him ...Read more

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One Lucky Homersexual: A quick tour of Homer, AK before my bedtime.

Damn I'm lucky! Snow and the beach at the same time! Can you believe I get to come here as part of my creative life? This has probably been up there with one of the best tours ever. It was well worth all the packing anxiety and the year-long contract negotiation process. Say what you will about Alaska in the winter, but I've really h...Read more

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