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Carless in Los Angeles, The Wong Sans Wheels Chronicles #19: WWOD? (What Would Oprah Do?)

Without going into too much detail, as mentioning this is already jinxing (but a great carless story I had to write about), I had a meeting scheduled over at Oprah's new network today.

As you can imagine, I was jazzed and have been looking forward to this for months, if not my whole life. This would be such a logical transition from playing houses of 99 people to bringing my brilliance to the world. And I do mean.... THE WORLD.

Their offices are...Read more

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Theater for the Lonely.

For some extreme theater goers there are performances like NYC's Elevator Repair Service production of Gatz. For six hours, you sit and watch ERS bring the entire story of the Great Gatsy to stage. I'm told your ass hurts, you get tired, but the process of watching the story unfold is riveting. For pop culture obsessed theater junkies like myself, I spent 10 hours watching even more interesting theater at the Read more

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Recession Tactics: Lemons from Lemonade... I mean... Lemonade from Lemons

Me and my fellow solo performer D'Lo decided that instead of battling over the scant number of paying university shows for pennies that we would instead combine forces and whore out our talents on the street, then post our efforts on YouTube.

What's great is that the first part of Part 1 is real raw footage we collected after seeing these girls while driving....

I love that we have this kind of Odd Couple, Bert and Ernie dynamic going.... D'Lo is the strai...Read more

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The Wong Sans Wheels Chronicles #18: I am still not ready to fall in love again (with car owning)

"I got good news Kristina. I think I have a car you could buy. It's a 1990 Honda. Joel says it's in solid condition and is going to go over it to make sure it's ok to drive. I told him about your 81 Mercedes and he says this won't give you any trouble like that. Only $1200. What do you think? ...Read more

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This is how you organize the madness.

For those of you who wonder how my shows come together, here's how ADD turns into streamlined action from last Friday's rehearsal at UCLA where I'm an artist-in-residence at the HOTHOUSE residency for artists. I'm turning CAT LADY into a full length show!

Basically, I jam on a bunch of ideas, images, emotions and themes. I improvise scenes with trusted co...Read more

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The Wong Sans Wheels Chronicles #17: There are times and places where speed is not a good thing.

I learned an important lesson about being carless yesterday, especially on days where you are out for 14 hours, pulling around a wheeled suitcase for blocks and blocks, armed with everything you need for the day, sweating your ass off in the summer heat.

The lesson is this.... Pack snacks so that you don't have to give into impulse buying of food at restaurants.

But pack snacks that are LOW in fiber, not HIGH in fiber.

Read more

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More Cash for Clunkers Tips: #10-19

There was a lot of great feedback from my last Cash for Clunkers post with ideas for Creatives to survive... NO, make that
thrive in a recession. I thought I'd post more related less to money and more towards growing joy in life. Here are ideas that I've been referring to a lot lately and that I've figured out over a good long lifetime. Some of these ideas are ada...Read more

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The Wong Sans Wheels Chronicles #16: Fear and Driving in Los Angeles

There are no two words more frightening to this carless Angelino than these: THE VALLEY.

Yes, the Valley, that elusive urban suburban expanse above the Getty Museum where families and other kind of proletariat live. Where eggs can be cooked on the sidewalk because temperatures soar to 300 degrees. Where pornography is birthed, edited, ...Read more

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VH1 Finally figured out what was at the bottom of that barrel they were scraping.

VH1 TV Shows & Music Videos & Celebrity Photos & News & Gossip

Can you spot the murderer?

I've been obsessed with this recent Ryan Jenkins murder tragedy as much as I've been obsessed with the whole...Read more

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The Wong San Wheels Chronicle #15: "Oh my god, being carless in LA is like having your legs cut off!"

My friend Marc Norberg took these pictures of me in Minneapolis before I left in May.

Last Friday I did a performance... an homage to one year of being broken up with car ownership. I held a picture of Harold up to the crowd and like a jilted ex-girlfriend choked through fake tears about how much I tried t...Read more

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