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JacketGate Part III: Just shut up Wong and put the stupid jacket on.

It was getting late, and neither myself nor my father felt like going to Redwood City in pursuit of an old coat. So I'm cutting the tags off my purchases and I'm ready to look like a million bucks at MacDowell... Specifically... like 292 bucks.

And this is the end of JacketGate. For now at least....

I am so excited about MacDowell. I plan to go on walks and do weird meditative breathing and write and get fat eating gourmet food. And get a lot of writing in.

...Read more
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JacketGate Part II: The Chills of Consumerism

JacketGate continues today as I do one last day of preparation for my three week stint at the MacDowell Colony. I am still unsatisfied with the situation of being warm enough when I'm out there.

It rained yesterday in San Francisco and my friend Wei-Ming and I wandered the Stonestown Galleria, the Goodwill in West Portal, the Big 5 at Lakeshore Plaza and the Sports Authority at Serramonte Center in search of an ugly jacket and other forms of warmth that will allow me to survive an East Coast winter.<...Read more

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In Pursuit of Warmth.

I am in the midst of a conspiracy I'd like to call "JacketGate."

Ever since I moved to Los Angeles a million years ago, I have suffered from the inability of knowing what time of year it is. We don't have seasons, we just have a couple months when it rains twice and we put on hooded sweatshirts and scarves and complain about the "cold." But other than that, it...Read more

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Open House #2: Living in Public Storage, ie The Downtown Lofts...

Welcome back to “Open House” my series of blog entries detailing my journey to home ownership (to suit an artist’s lifestyle with an artist’s income… all by myself.)These blogs are also research notes for my new show about being Carless in LA and will be integrated into a show I’m developing through an artist residency March/April 2010 at the Asian Art...Read more

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On KXLU tonight! 88.9 and streaming online.

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Open House #1: Buying a House with No Help Whatsoever. Can it be done?

I know I'm like really old, but I'm also looking into getting adopted by Brangelina.

For those of you who are homeowners thanks to the financial help of your friends and family, I say, be so so grateful for what you have been given. I really was serious when I was saying that I have to do this buying a house thing all by myself. I wish ...Read more

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The Wong Sans Wheels Chronicles #25: Who's going to drive you home... tonight?

Happy Thanksgiving friends! I come with great news! I intend on being a homeowner by next year!

I know what you are thinking...

" How the f$#* are you going to get a house if your parents aren't going to buy one for you? And by the way, if you haven't checked, you make a living as a performance artist!&qu...Read more

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"You are my Rose, You are my Rose, You are my Rose..."

If you know who this is, you are probably spinning in your seat like I was all of Saturday when I got to interview him for Kong Magazine's premiere issue.It's Greg Sestero, the hunk sauce actor who stars in the Cult Phenomenon "The Room." A movie that was written, directed, produce...Read more

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I'm so famous.

Hey everyone! This week I'm the featured reader on angry asian man.

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The Wong Sans Wheels Chronicles #24: Carlessness... The Greatest Career Boost Ever.

I did it. Four DIFFERENT shows in one week. Two cities. And unlike Jesse Spano... NO NERVOUS BREAKDOWN!

I just got back from San Francisco. I presented my Carless Comedy show Sunday. Saturday was the LA Storyteller Festival where I did two different pieces. Then Tuesday and Friday, I did the "Whoring for Hollywood&qu...Read more

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