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A Letter to a Young Schoolmate, Zhang Wei|給小師妺張微的一封信|给小师妺张微的一封信

Dear Zhang Wei,

How are you? I’ve been very busy as usual, always travelling all over the place… Today I travelled to Soul to attend the “Asia Song Festival 2008”. While I was on the plane, I read a newspaper article about you and found out that you accidentlyinjured yourself while practicing on the uneven bars. I also went to the same school as you, the Diocesan Girls’ School, so I particularlyunderstand how you feel. Hopefully through this letter, I can offer you a little bit of support.

I read in the article that you competed in many sports events at school, won quite a few awards with outstanding achievements, and you hope to compete in the 2010 Asia Games to win honor for our mother school and for Hong Kong. Because of this reason, you practiced extra hard, striving for the best performance. But now because of your injury, you have to rest for a year to make a full recovery; I honestly feel very sad about this and I sincerely hope that you get better soon.

I want to share with you a few things I was lucky enough to witness and experience during the Beijing Olympic Games in August. Apart from the feeling of joy and excitement, I also gained a deep understanding of what it feels like to be an outstanding athlete representing their own country. I don’t think just any ordinary person would realize all the hard work, effort, and sacrifices that’s involved! So you must never give up or be discouraged. In the days ahead of you, do the treatments that will help you get better and rest well. I believe that very soon your wish will come true and that you can “stand up again very soon”. I believe, and also anticipate, your outstanding performance at the 2010 Asian Games.

Together with the people of Hong Kong, I support you. You can do it!

Senior schoolmate, KAREN


Dear 張微小師妹,

您好嗎? 我近來同樣非常忙錄, 老是跑來跑去…今天就跑到首爾出席”ASIA SONG FESTIVAL 2008”, 在飛機上看到一則關於妳的報導. 知道妳於練習高低槓時不慎受傷, 傷勢還不輕, 身為跟妳屬同一所母校「拔萃女書院」的我, 特別感同身受, 希望藉這封信給妳一點鼓勵.

從報導中得知你以往曾在多個學界體操比賽中獲得不少獎項, 優異成績, 亦希望於2010年的亞運會中為母校及香港爭光, 因此就更努力練習, 希望爭取更佳的表現, 但就因為這次的受傷而需休息一年才能完全康復, 我心裡實是難過並誠心祝福妳能早日康復.

想跟妳分享一下, 我於八月份時有幸親身見証京奧的創舉, 除了喜悅之外, 亦深深感受到作為一位代表國家的出色運動員, 他們背後所付出的努力及汗水, 一定是非一般人所能體會的! 所以妳千萬不要灰心及氣餒, 在未來的日子要好好的接受治療及有充足的休息, 相信很快一定能如妳所願「很快可以站起來」! 我相信亦十分的期待, 能在2010年的亞運動會中看見妳的出色表現!

我跟全香港的市民一起來支持妳, 加油呀!


特地請來我的好友"小比利" 給妳精神上的支持.

(報章: 星島日報)

您好吗? 我近来同样非常忙录, 老是跑来跑去…今天就跑到首尔出席”ASIA SONG FESTIVAL 2008”, 在飞机上看到一则关于妳的报导. 知道妳于练习高低槓时不慎受伤, 伤势还不轻, 身为跟妳属同一所母校「拔萃女书院」的我, 特别感同身受, 希望藉这封信给妳一点鼓励.

从报导中得知你以往曾在多个学界体操比赛中获得不少奖项, 优异成绩, 亦希望于2010年的亚运会中为母校及香港争光, 因此就更努力练习, 希望争取更佳的表现, 但就因为这次的受伤而需休息一年才能完全康复, 我心裡实是难过并诚心祝福妳能早日康复.

想跟妳分享一下, 我于八月份时有幸亲身见証京奥的创举, 除了喜悦之外, 亦深深感受到作为一位代表国家的出色运动员, 他们背后所付出的努力及汗水, 一定是非一般人所能体会的! 所以妳千万不要灰心及气馁, 在未来的日子要好好的接受治疗及有充足的休息, 相信很快一定能如妳所愿「很快可以站起来」! 我相信亦十分的期待, 能在2010年的亚运动会中看见妳的出色表现!

我跟全香港的市民一起来支持妳, 加油呀! 小师姐 KAREN

特地请来我的好友"小比利" 给妳精神上的支持. (报章: 星岛日报)

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