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Michael Jackson's 'Childhood'

Wasn't really sure what to write, if I should write anything at all... but on the night that I was sitting at my computer, my brother messaged me and I watched on TV as they reported MJ was taken to hospital.

Quoting from one of his interviews:

"If you really want to know about me, there's a song i wrote, which is the most honest song i've ever written.  It's the most auto-biographical song i've ever written, it's called Childhood." Video: Read more

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A Miracle?

NBA - Where amazing happens?


Click on the link... 5 min vid on espn.

Video: http://espn.go.com/video/clip?id=4245051

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Raaaawwww eating RAW foodsss!!! RAAAAWWW

Enjoy. They did.... (raw turkey leg btw).

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Canine Guardian aka Protection dogs

Ok, over the last half year to a year, been getting into 'Protection dogs' and training, and the puppies, and the dogs etc.

For peeps who dont really know, I'm a domestic dog trainer - e.g. I help families with dogs with 'not so great' behaviours and sort them all out for them in like 2 hours.

Anyway, as in any field, there are specialists, niche markets, and i've recently been reading loadsa books on protection dogs - like the ones you see with the policemen/women around the world, ...Read more

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So busy!

Been 'ahem' quite a long time since my blogging... :)

And I'm back! Been soooo busy!!

Anyways, my work life encorporates waking up, taking my dogs out, and training them... the last one which takes patience, a lot of time, which is a few minutes every few days for weeks and months!!!

And the result? Well, with a little each day, makes a lot over time, and you end up with a dog that understands what you want from them.  Take it like teaching a young child a few things each day, and in a few years they can walk, tal...Read more

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Xmas + New Year + Dad's Bday PICS!

My first and true love - Basketball. HAHAHahah.

And my baby... love him to bits more and more everyday! Soppy (I know) :)

My doggy Friday!

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Day out on the river!

Bit warmer (11+degrees!!!) so we went for a little day out, just mummy, daddy and baby!

Thai BUFFET!!!

New glovieees from Uncle Adam!

<...Read more

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Early Xmas dinner!

Still feeling like a crap in a bucket being swirled around........ I managed to conjure up enough newtons of energy to make my way to an early christmas dinner with meh brother and friends.

Baby (Zenith) just began 'really' talking these past few days, and he smiles at (almost) everything.... maybe our sillly baby talk (woo woo wa wa HALLO!!!) is making us look sooo silly he finds it mildly amusing.

Anyhoo. Photos before I retire for some recovering sleep@


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Just spent the past few days dying from the flu/cold/cough/headache/muscle pains/not being able to move/..............

Am feeling a lot better........... after passing out on my sofa for like 12 hours. No one is able to move me....

Oh, and my wife said something like - I'm not going to take care of you cuz that will help your unconscious to recover quicker........... *i'm not sure if it worked..... :)

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My Grandma passed away........

My dad just told me....... my grandma passed away like 3 hours ago.........

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