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So busy!

Been 'ahem' quite a long time since my blogging... :)

And I'm back! Been soooo busy!!

Anyways, my work life encorporates waking up, taking my dogs out, and training them... the last one which takes patience, a lot of time, which is a few minutes every few days for weeks and months!!!

And the result? Well, with a little each day, makes a lot over time, and you end up with a dog that understands what you want from them.  Take it like teaching a young child a few things each day, and in a few years they can walk, talk, think for themselves and understand what is expected from them.

So - over the new new year, I've trained a German shepherd to stop biting and pulling on his owner's trousers, biting hands, generally putting all the things that aren't meant to be in his mouth! A small little cutie Maltese to 'down' (after 5 years of not learning anything!) - and not to jump on the sofa! A cavalier king charles spaniel to stop running away and chasing cats!

Other than that, I've taught my dog to run away from me. hahah. sounds silly when i put it that way, but he runs in a straight line indefinitely away from me until i tell him to stop/go down. kinda fun.

i'll post vids of him doing it. supposedly, it's one of the hardest things to teach an 'average' dog.


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