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Canine Guardian aka Protection dogs

Ok, over the last half year to a year, been getting into 'Protection dogs' and training, and the puppies, and the dogs etc.

For peeps who dont really know, I'm a domestic dog trainer - e.g. I help families with dogs with 'not so great' behaviours and sort them all out for them in like 2 hours.

Anyway, as in any field, there are specialists, niche markets, and i've recently been reading loadsa books on protection dogs - like the ones you see with the policemen/women around the world, military, etc etc.

(This is not promoting) - Been reading this book, and well, I'd thought I'd share the intro to the book cuz it makes me wanna read more !

Like construction workers who walk narrow beams at dizzying heights and cops who race through darkened doorways against armed suspects, the work of guard dog trainers is high risk.  That designation should not be a revelation - it's common sense.

The training methods presented in this book carry high potential for danger to owners, trainers, helpers and dogs. Given the work's nature, you, the people assisting you and your dogs are at great peril and may be seriously injured.

(he goes on).....

What a great intro.

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