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Angry Baby!

2 weeks into fatherhood and I love it. Last night my baby son Zenith decided to have a growth spurt and demand his milk every hour allowing us to wake up every hour to his musical sound of crying.

After almost weeing on me while I attempted to change his nappy, a short quickie bath in luke warm water woke him up for a change.....

Anyone ever seen Zoolander? This is his pose anyway....

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Being a Daddy...

So, two weeks of being a daddy, and it's great!

Occasionally we have sleepless nights when he wakes up every hour wanting to eat or something...

All the people I know have been asking about what does it feel like being a dad, and well, I can't really explain it.  Half of it is unbelievable - that my wife and I can 'make' such a beautiful 'thing' and we made life! ~But at the same time, our son is like a gift to us.

His eyes started to have recognition in the last few days, and he's starting...Read more

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The title explains most:

Born: 30 September 2008 (UK TIME) 5:05am.

Name: Zenith Ta Kan 简泓山

Weight: 6lb 4 oz

This is a truly AnD exclusive.

He made me cry like a leaking tap when the mid-wife gave him to me t...Read more

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Breeding dogs...

Kennel Club - the largest registry of purebred dogs (in England) - exposed by a BBC documentry claiming that inbreeding has led to serious health problems in some pedigree dogs.To read more:http://www.thestar.com/News/World/article/501287

So these few weeks, talking to my partner - we both feel that we are really missing our dogs! (They are in quarantine until dec :( _......uk regulations! )  Anyway, we've started to get really into working dogs, that ...Read more

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Barack Obama at 2008

 Wow. This guy is good. Very good.

I never followed US elections, I'm not American, but call it whatever you want, the president of the united states will have an affect on everything in the world.

I came to knowledge of obama only recently, and i am a very open-minded person (or so i hope to think so). So i research...Read more

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Beijing to London

What a great Olympics - 2008.  I watched the opening and closing ceremony in amazement. So many people working together in harmony to put on one show.

Amazing. Again.

From the '8 minutes' that London had, to invite the world to the next 2012; lots of ppl and even part of me wonders how they can follow the Olympics after Beijing.  But I don't think that is even a question that I (we) should be asking, but instead, how excited can we get about London 2012.

I'm v. lucky, in the fact, that I can 'expe...Read more

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This cracked me up - so I thought I'd share this with you all... hahahahaha...

Cheerleaders assist a person dressed as an Olympic mascot who fell at the venue of the badminton matches of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games August 14, 2008.[Agencies]

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Bolt away ...


Usain Bolt - 100m world record and winner of gold at Beijing 2008.

Absolutely ridiculous. This is silly. Natural talent (of course) + super training.

Amazing. I love it. Absolutely amazing. Amazing.

I've seen national sprinters (UK) and the best i can describe it is that: when a super fast person runs, it looks like he is gliding... like he doesn't even touch the floor....

Would have loved to see him run. London 2012 :D

Enjoy. Be amazed.

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Gotta Love China

'Fake' broadcast of the opening cermony, 'pollution', mimed singing, empty seats, protests.... all that crap "news" from the (british) bbc, and you still gotta Love China.

As the black eyed peas said: Where is the Love?


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Words painting pictures

Who said a picture paints a thousand words?

Let me re-phrase, and let:   wordspaint apicture...

Left (my name): 简家文 Right (my wife's name): 谢影雪

By a super professor in Cambridge :)

(Beijing opening ceremony with those dancing people in black cat suits with those brushes for hands.... so ama...Read more

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