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Preparing to Go Go Go!

Two weeks of semi-rain humidity and zipping around Shanghai like a street dog, it's time to pack me bags and head to San Fran.  Going to be working with some of the top trainers in USA and the U.S Mondioring Association.But BEFORE THAT, I decided to go get something printed, and got ambushed by mosquitos......... damit. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHLooking forward to the San Fran Sunshine!! 

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Sweaty... and Naked!

Shanghai Sweats... hate to admit it but it is.

Check this out!!EXCLUSIVE ALIVENOTDEAD.COM PREVIEW!!!My BABY Friday..... aw, miss them so!

(gotta keep the artist secret for the time being, but watch out these next few months cuz it's gonna be crazzzzzzzzzzy!!)Read more

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The Big... 2-7....

Thanks all for the birthday wishes! More exciting thou, is meh bebe's birthday!!!! 30th Sept, still a couple days but woooo! 1 yr old!!!Was actually talking with my partner the other day - about how we SOO don't feel our age.Well, not really sure how 27 is meant to feel like, but hey, I am. So I guess I'm feeling it...Anyway, the whole point was that, since around the age of 21, I don't feel 'older'. I am wiser, seen more things, but the essence of youth is still within my hand...Alas, the clock strikes 12, and the ...Read more

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rain rain rain......

rain rain, go away, coming again another day........

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Kicking it in Shanghai!

Just arrived!! Well, arrived like 13 hours ago......... but still........ I'm in Shanghai! Freakin busy........ kinda my fault cuz i organised to meet everyone as soon as I got off the plane........ which didnt really help cuz I didn't really sleep, and well, decided to take a couple of espresso shots before I started shaking, so I stopped that. Not good.Anyhoo, got my laptop screen replaced cuz i smashed my old 'un........ also wasnt good.ok. so visited my grandma (me bebes GREAT GRAND MA) just before i left; check out th...Read more

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Luxury Doggie Hotel in Shanghai

Ok. I'm heading to Shanghai next month to oversee a little project that we've been working on... and as we were 'brain-storming' (for the ones that actually HAVE brains....... errr) - I was thinking to ask YOU......  what would you like to see in the

'G3 Dog (Training) Hotel and Daycare'??[this is a hotel for dogs, not for people.... I've had suggestions like spas, jacuzzi, mud baths.... be as crazy or extreeeeeeme as you like :) ]

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Where amazing happens.

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Calling on Actors... Acting.... ACTION!!

Ok. So, someone I knew who knew someone who knew someone, asked me if I would join them in a little bit of acting... Since back in the DAY (like a real real real long time ago) I was into all that..... Anyway, the point of this is, I've done presenting 'n all but after that day of filming - I have a question to all the actors out there: (cuz i wanna pick your brains....)How do you determine that you did good?(or how do you measure your performance?)

I mean, I see it on playback and I think ok... whatev...Read more

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I meet Yao Ming!

Not really.  Would be cool though - we'll have to make a visit to Houston soon.  Makes me wanna get meself a Mcgrady (no.3!). But, in the mean time, meh bebe can pretend to be him.Enjoy! :)Studying game tapes....Read more

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Politics... politics...

Video: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk_politics/8134963.stm Ok, wow. So - most of you probably don't care but I'll blog it anyway. In fact, I am bordering upon not caring anymore but I live in this country they call England, and well, it most slightly affects me. Video is 6 mins, from a former Prime Minister - Sir John Major. Politics. Economics.Anyway - I hope someone in Parliament knows what they are doing, cuz, if not, this country is going to b...Read more

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