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Michael Jackson's 'Childhood'

Wasn't really sure what to write, if I should write anything at all... but on the night that I was sitting at my computer, my brother messaged me and I watched on TV as they reported MJ was taken to hospital.

Quoting from one of his interviews:

"If you really want to know about me, there's a song i wrote, which is the most honest song i've ever written.  It's the most auto-biographical song i've ever written, it's called Childhood." Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dVJscGa5vbc

Thank you Michael for gracing our world.

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Yes I agree that everything weird or bad about Michael is 90% due to the circumstances in which he grew up. (other 10% is the fact that he was surrounded by sycophants the last 25 years or so)
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