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Yep - after 6 months of quarantine, they get out 15th December. Next Monday.

This is the last time i went to visit them in 'prison'.........

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HK School Kids + Eggs = Splat!!!

Spent one of my final days in HK with 'HK Access' on their last day of their term. The kids had a challenge involving eggs, paper, a plastic bag and some straws...

Basically they had to drop the egg and try to 'protect' it using the tools they had.

My group (obviously) won the most innovative design - ...Read more

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Life, love, relations........

After clicking on 'recent visitors' - read the first person's blog...

Had some relation on what i did today - since one of my friend's in hk recently broke up with his gf... after 8years of the making.

After leaving a comment on the blog, I wanted to write something that, probably not many people may read, and I hope maybe a few of the rest of you will understand.

In our lives we go through hard times. I've been through mine. In my beliefs, I don't look to walk through fire, I don...Read more

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Kickin' At the HK..................

Writing this literally as I sit, 100% LIVE photo - as I catch up on some emails and eat a lil sumthin for the HK evening.......

I would show you more but my glands are salivating as I type.....

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LOOK! More pics of my baby!!!

Hee hee, that's my cousin



He's gonna take me out to


Doh, who said you ha...Read more

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Pictures have arrived! Poppy + Bigger Baby!!!

The puppy (Poppy) 5 months.

I think she is gorgeous!!! And my baby - he's gorgeous too!!! And my wifey .... gorgeous :D

(no bias there)

Read more

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Wine tasting + Should I take in another dog?

[TO all who read - send me your opinion on the question at the end]

So I just spent the whole day tasting wines in Guangzhou....

It's been a long time since I tasted like THAT many wines, at least I'd say I tried at least 60-70 wines.   What I love about China is that some people drink the wine, so there were men/women walking around all drunk and stuff at 11am in the morning. Free booze!

Anyway, a man of many occupations (as my friends would put it) - kinda shame i can't put pi...Read more

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I love leaving stuff til the last minute. Gotta go to HK in like a week, and being the first time of me leaving my family it's kinda weird! 

Anyway, can't wait til my dogs come out of quarantine but maybe I'll get to catch up with some family/friends in HK cuz I haven't seen anyone in... years ??!


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Michael Jackson dog


Ok. Dug up an old video of meh doggies in Shanghai.

Me taking them for a walk as usual - and knowing China - they decided to rebuild the park. Anyhoo, my dogs wondering wat da hell is going on and two other doggies digging up all the sand that the china builders put there... The two dogs digging belong to a factory nearby - the little one is the puppy of the mum. We called him Michael (Jackson) cuz he has a white paw - [don't ask me why]

My two dogs Yellow (the girly one running about) and Friday (getti...Read more

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Obama 08

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2fZHou18Cdk As the world enters the month of November in which the world may change and leave a mark in history, as the next President of the United States is elected, I wish Senator Barack Obama all the best.

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