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She is the new addition to G3 Dogs.Rescue German Shepherd.Pretty dam smart.Very sweet. She's known as 'Smiley' - and I've renamed her: 'Rhea'  known as 'the mother of gods'. :)

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My friend, the Italian Godfather.... and his dog.

My son's godfather, Alex, in Italy, with his new puppy - Aiko.

So dam cute, makes me wanna get myself a pup.

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Free if you can eat it in one session.I ate half. hahaha. My friends from JAR - Jaiya's Animal Rescue enlightened me of this steakhouse. And, for Shanghai, it's pretty good. I'm sure all the peeps in the US think this is nothing......... :)If you're in Shanghai, and looking for a dog: JAR!!! GO TO: http://jargroup.doodlekit.comHuh? There's a wall of fame for ppl who finish this?Read more

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Walk this way......

Photos from a couple days back - teaching this girl not to pull on walks.Took about 2 hours, dog learns to follow the tension of the leash and sit when the owner stops, and of course, not pull....  Shuda saw the owner's reaction when we stepped out of the residential complex... he was super surprised/delighted/ecstatic.... having his dog literally walk on one finger!Makes me really wanna get another dog... oh well. We'll see..Quick tip for all dog owners out there: cuz this is what happ...Read more

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Spicy Buns. Choc Fix.

Got back from training a little mini 2 month dog. Reminds me of my own dog, Friday.This is the second week, teaching basic obedience and not to bite on everyone's hands/jumping up.  The previous week, was to really get the dog socialised cuz he was going a bit mad at the door. So every time someone visits the house, we chuck food all over the floor...One week went by and the dog COMPLETELY changed. I love puppies. So easy to mould their minds. And, also managed to take away his possessiveness with toys. Ah, how i love puppies. Makes...Read more

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The power of the public.

A while back, I asked what people thought of a dog hotel in Shanghai. And now, it's happening! Thanks again to the people who took the time to leave a comment and suggest ideas and what they'd like to see in a hotel for dogs, because I took your advice and I went on a little trip to the US to see the hotels for real!I was a little disappointed at some I saw, but the one or two that stood out to me REALLY stood out. I was shocked at how 'good' they were. It was almost beyond my imagination. And, a worthwhile experience...Read more

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Nice to Be BACK in Shanghai

So another Chapter ends, and another begins. Driving to the airport from San Fran, was kinda nice.... watching the sunrise at 6am across the Golden Gate Bridge. Kinda makes you appreciate the wonders of the world.however, v. glad to be back in Shanghai; feels more like home, and it will be for a good time coming. so, pics from the last day, learnt a lot from the 2 weeks from our teacher: Michael Ellis. A hugely talented trainer, handler and teacher. And, most of all the integrity of his approach and his natural ability in communic...Read more

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Dog Attack + Bite = Me

Woo! Got to fit in the bite suit today!  A completely different feeling to having hard protected sleeves or leg sleeves.... I guess it's the fact that the dog is SO close to your face and gripping onto your arm... plus, the dog would bite so hard that it would 'pinch' the suit, taking some of my arm/flesh... so... a little bruised/scratched/pinched..... I was wearing pads underneath too...Thx to Lindsey for taking the photos!It made me a little 'hectic?' - anyway, was fun, and a great experience. Few more days to go...Read more

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Yay! Puppies!  Makes me REALLY wanna get another dog... cept shipping it over from the USA to China? Maybe not... not really the BEST experience for the pup. anyhow, kinda wana see what other dogs are like. Even though the same 'breed' different people/breeders/countries have different 'types' of the same breed. I've seen a few Belgian imports (to the UK) and maybe i'll go to see them in person in Belgium one day soon.... Belgium has THE BEST FOOD! WAFFLES chocolate... musselss......... mmmmmm. .......seafood..... mMMMmmm.......Read more

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Almost got killed today.....

A dog wanted to kill me today. Well, the dog wanted to bite me, many times. A fully trained working Protection Dog. Trained to subdue suspects similar to Police and Military trained dogs.Muzzled, and trained to the highest extent - a truly fantastic dog.This was all in a controlled environment so all the excitement and adrenaline without the bite marks. I'm not sure if many people get to experience it, but having a dog charge at you, punching you with its muzzled nose is quite an experience. Then the dog got angry at me for n...Read more

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