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Stunt diary 30th week


how are you all out there. Hope you had a nice week. My week was great! I was booked forGalileo one more time and it was a nice shoot. First we was in a hall and after that we was outside. We have -15 degree right now in Germany. It was so fucking cold!

We try find out if that clip is real or not:

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z785LnrmEpk&feature=channel_page I can say to you, its not! We try it so m...Read more

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29th week stunt diary

Fuck off! I wrote so much and after that my PC fucked up! That´s why I only post the Gymnastic part, sorry! More next week... I hate Computers!!!! Floor Exercise

  1. Handstand forward roll

  2. Back roll through handstand

  3. Two cartwheels

  4. Round off (Arab spring)

  5. Standing back flip

  6. Round off back flip

  7. Handspring

  8. Front somersault from Reuther board

Pommel Horse

  1. Half shear off left legRead more

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28th week Stunt diary

Hello there,

28th week after a little break. First merry christmas to all. Hope it was nice for everybody and you all got big present´s. I have to fight with my bad cold. Still have cough. But I start training this week with the plan I did (you can see it on 16th week). But, you know that I think, as an sportsman you can not wait for training. That´s why I do a little bit. I want to improve my Gainer for Nanquan and I´m still scared of that movement. Chris and Thomas stay with me and try to support me. I don´t want to do that wi...Read more

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27th week Stunt diary

Swimming test this week:

TEST - Part A- Unclothed

*Straddle jump from pool side keeping head out of the water *25m Breath held swim underwater, surface and rest for not more than 20sec and repeat 25m under water swim. *100m freestyle in 1min 30 sec’s *100m Breast stoke in 1min 50 sec’s *100m Backstroke in 1min 40 sec’s *100m Butterfly in 2mins 10 sec’s *Duckdive to Min depth of 2.5m to retrieve weight of 5kg,swim 25m carrying this weight *20m Tow of “Unconscious Swimmer” in sec 60sec...Read more

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26th week Stunt diary


this week I show you the stuff i have to do for trampolining category:


Single Back Somersault: - Straight, Piked & Tucked. (Ok but bad technique)

Single Front Somersault: - Piked & Tucked. (Ok but bad technique)

‘ Gain’ Front Ss Tucked. * (ok)

‘ Gain’ Back Ss Tucked. * (ok)

Barani: - Straight, Piked & Tucked. (bad technique)

Link: - Back somersault S, Barani S, Back Ss P. (have to try)

Crash-Dive Straight, Barani Ball out Tucked. (ok ...Read more

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Stunt diary 25th week

Great, great ,great week!

Hello there, that was one of the greatest weeks I ever hade... since the diarys I think. On Monday I have Wushu training. We did a special hard training for Wushu strength and it kills me so much. On Tuesday I can´t walk and I thought by myself in which way I can do the stunt training. We want to train some falls for the Quentin movie. But after a loooooong warm up at home we did good i think, the falls fell much harder but if it´s done you have a good feeling. On Friday i joined the Trampoline training...Read more

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Stunt diary 24th week

Hello there,

this week I restart the training for the Register. Wushu was ok and the strentgh exercise kill my legs! I did a pyramide training that means first with 40% 60% 80% power till your legs feel like... I never felt it this week! I was very excited because it´s  long time ago that i joined the high diving team. They have to prepare their kids for a competition that means I can train by myself and I only want to jump  from 1 metre because the feeling is so different. But I did a back sommersault from three metres and... o...Read more

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Stunt diary 23th week

Hey out there,

whaaaaaaat´s up? Last shooting this week for GANGS! Three days of fighting pain and destruction... Haha no not so bad! The most of the time I was scared if i can come to the shooting and in which way I can come home because, no car! But it was okay. The first day I drove to Oliver and we want to see some Buster Keaton movies. You know him? Watch:

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PwH8jkv2Hq0It´s so crazy, he is not the y...Read more

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Stunt diary 22th week

Hello there,

This week was very nice. The training was too short because I have three shooting days. Monday and Tuesday I have to be in Berlin for the fight training. We train there for about 5 to 6 Hours per day. I think it will be a hard shoot because we have to do so many things and we have only three days to manage it. But the fight coordinator is very skilled and the way he work with us makes a lot of fun. Sure he want´s a lot from us but also he makes jokes and never push you too hard.

Here are some pics from the t...Read more

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Stunt diary 21th week

I hate training right now! If you try to train so many parts the progress in the single parts you don´t feel. Hope it´s better next week. Wish me luck! Sorry that the diary is so short this week


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