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Stunt diary 59th&60th week

Hey guys,

sorry that I wrote not much last time but I have a little bit much to do right now.

Now I wrote from a Hotel in Munich because I have to work the next three days there for docu.

This week I can do my swimming lessons again. That is really good because now I start with the new swimming style Dolphin.

High Diving makes me a little Problem right now. It fucks my head if I do something new and the Training is not much enough and I can´t go there because of my Stuntjobs right now. Maybe I ch...Read more

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Stunt diary 57th&58th week

Hello AnD´ers

57th week:

This week not much happened. Training goes on and I don´t have the information about my ankle. I talked to a good friend and he told me maybe it´s a ganglion go away with that I maybe use massage and the last chance is…not an opinion!

I found out that maybe I didn´t have to do my climbing stuff in England. That would be great! Hope it is so then I can do my certificates here and the final tests in England.

I was booked fo two jobs next week. One they want to see the scen...Read more

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Stunt diary 56th week

Ni Hao.


Ok, this week more Trampolin and High Diving! I still have a Problem with the Gainer! I can gain on the Trampolin but it´s not with good control and not every jump I did is a gainer. Sometimes there are only Backflips! Still try!


High Diving was äh hurtful! I try some straight backflips from three metre- > No Problem

After that I try some from five metre. I was...Read more

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Stunt diary 56th week


Swimming training.

This week I start my day with my swimming lesson every morning 1 Hour.... at 6! Aaaaahhh... water is special cold on that time. I try the flip turn and its not as easy as it seems for me. Most time I´m able to do that but sometimes after the turn I dive to deep and then I´m getting in a little panic attack because I need to breath. That makes fun to practice. Diving around 20 metres is good. I can manage that now everytime. Need 5 metres more and than it´s good.


My ankle hurt....Read more

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Stunt diary 55th week

Hello there,


i try this week more High Diving training. The other members of the club are compete next year on the WM and now I think they train more concentrated and I like that!

Now I do only the thinks I need for Register and Basics. Its hard when you are able to do nice stuff who makes fun and now you only have to jump strait and hold the force!

The little problem I have is my ankle. It hurts if I want to straighten my feet. Next week I need to go to doctor.

I also want to train more swimmin...Read more

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Stunt diary 55th week

Subject: Again and Again!

Hello there! I start again with climbing this week! I did a session for about 45 minutes and after that I can´t grab things for four days! To long break! I tried to check climbing tours I need for the SPA but I´m not sure. No my plan is to fly to England and try to climb in halls there because they have great climbing halls and I can talk to people there and plan my next step. And I want to fucking travel there!!!

This weekend we have a Stunt Summer party. I was a lot of fun! They planned Games ...Read more

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Stunt diary 55th week

Subject: Moonman!

Feel like the first man on the Moon! Everything is so far away! The second national training was that weekend, and now there is no chance left that I can join the Canada Championship. It´s ok for me now because I know now which persons I can trust and which one I can´t. I thought I have friends and they are for me but there is non. No I do my own stuff and try to find my own way. Maybe it gives my Wushu progress a  big boom. No I motivated as much as hell! Next WM I have to be!!!!

This week I joined the...Read more

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Stunt diary 54th week

Subject:Ill again!!!

I´m ill this week. Fuck! Want to give all I can but everytime there is something. That´s why not much happen this week! I only can show a picture of my first Logo-collection:

Next week we have a big party for stuntis here. Want to go there and have some fun with the guy´s. Now I choreograph fights for two independent projects. Next week I will post some pics of t...Read more

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Stunt diary 53th week

Hello members,

let me tell you about my last 4 days.

Ok, on Thursday Max Huang (AnD member) and me was driving to Berlin for a shooting and a Show.

After we arrived by Ismet (wudang-deutschland.de) we met our bro Muhammed there. This evening we don´t do a lot of stuff because we know next day is going to be stressful. Day start´s at 7 I think and the shhoting was a Nollywoo...Read more

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Stunt diary 50th-52thweek

Hey guys,


yes you see right! Stunt diary is on again after 3 weeks of …. Silence! Why? There was nothing to tell! The decition was made in the last weeks if I can drive to Wushu WM in Canada or not. I give all my energy for that because I want to go there! That was my plan!

This year Canada. I need that for the Register. If I can prove that I did international competition´s I can give that to them and I “only” have to make 5 other stuff. It count´s for 5 years! After that I want to retire and I can g...Read more

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