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Stunt diary 20th week

Time for a another blog I think.

This week training was not much because I had to drive on Wednesday to the shooting for ROX or GANGS? Nobody knows, In the net you find info´s with ROX but on the set they wear jackets with GANGS äh ja "Ja gut ähhhhhh..." you can say in german if you are not sure what to say about that. The shooting on Thursday was ok, a lot of fun. We have to be on the set at 7 and I was so happy because I sleep by a good friend and he told me I only have to go 2 minutes to the set! That´s why I stand ...Read more

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Stunt diary 19th week

Hello there,

this week was not nice because I was ill! Maybe the trainingsplan was a little bit too hard or I´m a pussy! I don´t change it I try it more. The only two things that happened were that I have to drove to Berlin (one more time again) and have a costum fitting there. The costumes looks like äh maybe a mix of gay and player! I don´t want to wear that in my normal live. My costume looks like a snakes skin and its in grey with glitterlook. Arrrhh…I think it makes a lot of fun!

The other thing I want to shar...Read more

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Stunt diary 18th week

Hello, there.

Hope everybody is all right out there. This week I´m very excited because the Wushu EM is comming closer. Hope that all competitors are in good mood and do a good competition. Nothing special this week. On Saturday I drove to Berlin for costume fitting and I have my shooting days now officially! Nervous too!!!

But nothing much happened till then. Yesterday i trained three times. First start with Wushu and a little bit Taiji. I can tell you stretching on the morning unleashed your deepest pain! I want to die...Read more

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Stunt diary 17th week

Adding on Stunt diary 17th week...

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rn78tO4zeRQ

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Stunt diary 17th week

Adding on Stunt Diary 17th week

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Stunt diary 17th week

Hello again...I think.

Well, well start new training programm this week. All I can say is can´t do Wushu basics after Trampolin training. My legs was so fucking heavy! But I don´t wan´t to change the plan. Maybe it´s going better if I try it out for a longer time.

I received a call this week. Quentin Tarantino is shooting his new movie in germany with Brad Pitt and they want me for it. This Saturday I have to go to Berlin for costume fitting! The problem is I heared that they want to cut a lot of scenes and I hope they d...Read more

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Stunt diary 16th week

Trainingsplan from now on:

Because there is so much to do I make a standard plan and two add´s for it:


Monday:            Wushu

Tuesday:          Stunt

Wednesday:    Wushu; Strenght Training

Thursday:         -

Friday:               Strenght Training

Saturday:          Wushu

Sunday:            Wushu; Strenght Training


Monday:            Trampolining

Tuesday:          Trampolining

Wednesday:    -

Thursday:      ...Read more

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Stunt diary 16th week

Hello there,

not much happen this week with my training. I was ill, and I´m still a little bit ill. On tuesday i get another injection in my foot. Hope it works. My wrist is ok right now, still feel a little pain in rotation things while I train with my cudgel. But it´s okay. I take that for a longer break...

I still feel no improvement in my category´s. I will make a trainingsplan to have more structure in my training. Next week I simulate the swimming test that I can see what I have to practise more!

I received...Read more

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Stunt diary 15th week

OK bad news this week, but I want to start first on thursday. I visit a doctor because my wrist hurt and he told me maybe it´s broke! The first thing that I thought was, please not! A friend of mine had problem with his wrist and he had trouble with it for about 2 years. The doctor give me an injection and told me if I have still pain next week then maybe its broke. In the evening I drove to Berlin because there was a casting for a new movie called Gangs. The casting was ok, they want to see Wushu stuff and some acrobatic and choreograp...Read more

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Stunt diary 14th week

This week I want to tell something about my last job.

I drove to Wismar with Falco. It´s 650km from here and the location was on a sailing ship. They have three pirate myth to analyse:

  1. Can you swim with a grappling hook to a ship and then climb through it on the deck? YES

I tried to swim but I can´t make it because the rope was to heavy and after one minute I can´t swim by reason that the rope tied my hands. They want to try it one more from an another position and after a half hour (in the fucking c...Read more

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