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Stunt diary 12&13 week

Sorry that I can´t write last week. Things are going crazy right now! I have a day 7.9.08 and 8.9.08!

On that weekend is the decicison who can drive to the Wushu EM or not!!!

No I have to split my training because I want to train too times per day! My day start at 05:00 right now, then I have to work from 6:00 to 10:00. After that I train with Sebastian for about 1:30 running and sprints for condition. Now I work from 12:00 to 16:00 and then I have my next session. Because of the team decision I only do Wushu in the...Read more

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Stunt diary 11th week

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH fuck!!! I wrote a lot of stuff and my coputer fucked up. FUUUUUUUUCCCKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok short version:

These pics are from a training area for oarsmanship. There is the the bungee jump area for my brother, but he has to jump on a other day because it was to late and to dark when he came to the jump area.

I was so impressed of this area because they support oar so much that I have to make some pics.

My training this week:

Swimming 15 laps in 20 minutes t...Read more

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Stunt diary 10th week

Hello there,

first thanks for the comments on my last blog. Next time I will try to break a bottle with the Rope Dart ;-)

This week was ok. I buy a new mp3 player and its waterproof. I look like a complete idiot when I wear them but to hear Jack Johnson or the Fearless ending theme is so cool under water! You can relax complete and regenerate your muscles. I was swimming on Saturday but it rain´s. I can swear, no problem if you have Richie Ren´s Hua Tai Xiang in your Head. Her...Read more

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Stunt diary 9th week

This week…. What to tell? I received three mails of companys. They want an application form from me and I don´t have a good one. So I have to make one. The whole week I´m in trouble with that because I want to send also my Weapon Reel to them. So what to do? First cut the real, then design a new Setcard, write my References and design a visiting card. I don´t have a folder and I don´t know where I can get a good one so I do it buy myself. I have only 4 days to do that stuff because I have to give training on Monday and Tuesday and I have...Read more

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Stunt diary 8th week

Fuck this week!!!

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Stunt diary 7th week

Haaaaa!!! What a week!

I just arived from Lasko-shooting. It was hard! I told you I have two days of shooting. The first day we start at ten. I have to drive for four hours to the set and that means, get up at 3.30! The first thing I thought this day was...Fuck!!!

Äh yes, after four hours I arrived on the set and... It starts to rain....and rain...and rain! The whole day!!! We try to choreograph a fight scene but it was wet and slippery and very hard to be motivated on that day. But it was a lot of fun to be on the set. A...Read more

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Stunt diary 6th week

Braunschweig again! After six weeks I visit Braunschweig and my girlfriend again. That was a long time but she have to write her certificate and we thinks it´s better for that. This week I took a little break in my training because I have to manage a few things. I try to move to Berlin because of training and my girfriend. If we want to meet us I have to travel 4 hours. To long for me! I also have to send some setcards out and I have to design a new Demo cd. Sorry that I don’t can put the Weaponreel online this week, but I work on that! ...Read more

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Stunt diary 4th and 5th week

Hello you all.

The next weeks are gone. Last week i was to busy to write on sunday. Sorry now i have the problem that i dont know a lot from the 4th week. But i remember two things: LASKO called me and told me I have two days of shooting on the 14.-15. of july. That is very good because I never worked with these guys before and I can show my skills. I hope they like my work and book me on other days too. The other thing is I managed the 25 metres of diving. That was so fucking hard! After I resurfaced my legs starts to pr...Read more

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Stunt diary 3rd week

The third week was an up and down with my stuntjobs. I received a call from the LASKO production company and they told me they have to move my days for stuntwork. I was so pissed off because I called them if it´s sure that I can work on these days because I have to say no to Ninja Assasin! After that I called the coordinator for the Ninja project and told them I´m free for the days. Maybe I have luck and get a job there but I dont think so :-(

This week in the stunt training we try to continue the project from the last week with ...Read more

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Stunt diary 2nd week

The second week is gone and i have sore muscles from yesterday. But from the beginning. Monday was okay, I trained a little bit in the Gym and after that i have Wushu training. In the training i was interviewed from a little college group for their porject about adventure. They took me because of my Wushu- and Stunttraining. Tuesday I had a really nice idea for some Wirework. We try to built a living room and want to make stunt there. I want to do a backflip from a closet to a table with wires. First i dont think i can handle it but Chri...Read more

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