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Stunt diary 39th week

This week I want to give me a little break because there is no competition I have right now. I thougt I can do a little bit training this week because I´m already ill a little bit. But after the Wushu regionals I want to give all I can for the next German Wushu Competition. Maybe you know these situations, you want to but you can´t! Ok I thougt Monday no training! On Tuesday I don´t want to make a lot but I can´t stand the pressure I give to me! I started to train the gainer! This movement scares me a lot. I do a few with help and then....Read more

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Stunt diary 38th week

This week was long! If I say long I mean long! I prepare for the regionals in Wushu. Nothing special. Just the old Faster, harder, better, Jump, stand shit! Everyone from you who train Wushu know what I meanJ

I had a very stressful weekend. Plan was:

Friday I had an interview for a new job that I can move to Berlin! After that I want to drive Berlin because of the regionals. But first I want to meet a guy in Leipzig for my Extra job´s for the Register. On that day I want to meet the team that we can talk about the ...Read more

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Stunt diary 38th week

The hardest thing for the diary is to find the first words!

This week just a "Hello"

I did a tumbling ring training this week and I see there is a lot to do in that part. Especially for the muscle up exercise. I find a programm that I start this week to get it in three weeks. Hahaha... I don´t think so but I think it´s not bad to that programm:

Three Week Muscle-Up Success Training Program

Week One

Monday: Ring Dips 15, Pullups 15, rest 2 minutes. 3 sets of 10 pull-ups and dips alternate...Read more

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Stunt diary 37th week

Hello AnD´s!


This week there came a  question for a live show. One part of the show is to fall like a dead man from 11 metre like a dead man into water. We trained it on Tuesday. from around 5 metre into matt´s. The badest fall is if you try it backward! Uahhh... feel´s so scary! On Friday we try it from 3 metres into water. It makes a lot of fun with the guys but it was hard sometimes. I try to land on my back with safety on it. The result was that after a few jump´s my safety jacket broke! Never thought it. I...Read more

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Stunt diary 36th week


Na wie geht es euch? This is German and means "How are you all?"

My training is ok. Everybody is ill in germany. So am I! I visit my girlfriend for the weekend and I want to train in the tumbling room and Wushu but all I did was lying in the bed! I was ill. I had a little bit trouble with the Register because I´m not sure if I can do the climbing test. I heard I have to show three years of experience and after that I can do the qualification I need and it took me another 3 years! I thought I can forgot ...Read more

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Stunt diary 35th week

Hello all around that read my blogs, and all other guys too.


This week start´s very slow. I had no power for nothing. since Wednesday. After that day I was everyday in thw water for swimming or jumping, and it works!!!

My swimming skills are getting better and better. Now I can dive around 20 metres with 20 sec. break and then 20 metres more. It´s hard but I can do that now. I also can dive 4.50 metre and stay there for 40 sec. a few times. For the Register I only have to stay 30 seconds in 2.5 metre! Good in t...Read more

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Stunt diary 34th week

Hey there,

how are you? I´m fine! Training this week!

The Trainingsplan doesn´t work for me! I have to change it because I have to go to Trampolining every Monday. That is the only chance for me because the team is full and I can join them only 1 hour before the Wushu training and I have to do it.

My swimming lessons sre so bad that I have to go there every second or third day. This week I go there for three times. With Frank! You Remember him?Read more

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Stunt diary 32&33th week


hello there. I´m alive... not dead. Sorry because I can´t wrote the diary last week. It feel´s like a month when I wrote the last diary! Much too tell! Ok...

First I was on the set of the new Quentin Tarantino movie and it was great. I can´t tell so much because I don´t want to have any kind of trouble but it was so great to work with all the guys and the mood on the set was very good! Shit I can tell you so much things but I can´t!....Great... first time i was in a Hollywood movie and I can´t share it! Grea...Read more

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Stunt diary 31th week


first I have to say sorry because I write the diary so late. Have much do do this week.

Aaaahhhh..... too much training! Too much!!! Aaaaahhhh... Can´t walk since Tuesday! But next week is the shooting with Quentin and I want to take a little break in that week. It´s hard to follow the Trainingsplan because sometimes I can´t use my wrist then I go to High Diving or my arms are dead then I go too Weight Training for my legs and so on. The biggest problem with all that stuff is that I don´t have a regeneration time!...Read more

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