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Back to Hong Kong

Well - I'm headed back to Hong Kong and I had such a great time. Spending time with family and since my B-Day is coming up I got many lovely gifts from family and friends! Now I'm heading back to Hong Kong on an extremely long flight - planning on uploading another batch of artwork when I get back to HK. I'm actually looking forward to my 17 hour flight back since it will give me a lot of time to work on my conceptual designs and development work. Lots of interesting things stirring up in the Pat Lee Pot. I'll write again an...Read more

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Check this out

Hi everyone,

Check out these really cool links where people used my artwork for personal reasons. Pretty neat!



I'm still in Toronto trying to get my new website complete. Phew, it's a ton of work. But coming along nicely. I can't wait to share it with everyone. Will have some...Read more

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Pencils to Inks

Hi Everyone sorry I haven't been able to get a new entry in sooner - I have been so swamped with meetings and work. Anyhow, as promised here is a pencil sample of my work and the progress to inks. Usually we work in 11x17" boards and we lay out the artwork with repro blue pencil. We tighten up the lines and add necessary details where needed. We add "X" marks on the areas that are in need of black - this gives the inker an idea as to where to fill the blacks in when inking. You can see the final inked version to the right. ...Read more

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Back in Toronto 回到多倫多 | 回到多伦多

Hey Gang,

@_@ Woah what a flight that was... I believe my flight back to Toronto was 17 hours including a stop over and I watched about 6 movies and sketched on the plane like there was no tomorrow. I don't even think I slept yet Ooof! I might have fainted for a few minutes, but no sleep yet.

I haven't gotten a chance to upload any work online yet since I just arrived in Toronto - but since I am back at home for 2 weeks I have my STASH of artwork here so I will be uploading quite frequently on my page wit...Read more

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Red Velvet

Check out the Forum section under my name - I've added a new illustration in there called Red Velvet. Actually, it's not extremely new, but an illustration that I completed last year. Check it out and would love to hear your thoughts. ;)


Pat Lee

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Digital Painting

Now that Photoshop and programs like Painter are so advanced, you can pretty much paint a picture and it probably would freak people out how close it can look like oils on canvas. I usually swapp back and forth with both programs.

Usually digital painters will start off with a basic layout on a grey background using an angle black brush just to get an idea of how they want the overall image to look like. It's really rough and usually takes 30 - 60 minutes. From there we detail it out with again, using just a black brush and often...Read more

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Update on Concept Design

Here is an update of the movie poster concept. You may not see that much of a difference, right now I'm working on the details of the image. Mainly focused on the middle figure. I wish I could say more about this property at this moment in time, but will definately showcase as much as I can on AnD. Check it out and let me know your thoughts! :)

Pat Lee

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Finished Batman/Superman

Holy Cow, finally finished Batman/Superman. The first issue should be hitting shelves or already have hit the shelves. It was alot of work but it was really exciting to get it all complete. So how is everyone? I'm excited about going back to Hong Kong soon. Patrick!! When is the first AliveNotDead party happening? I think everyone would like that to happen!! haha! I'm in Bangkok right now just having a blast, working and enjoying the awesome weather - even though it rains alot here.... @_@ Here is a new business card I design...Read more

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Movie Concept

Here is a quick sketch I did for a movie poster concept for a property I'm developing for my company. It's a pretty big budget film, but I'm working steadily on creating the world of the story. ;) Needs alot of work, but here is a 20 minute sketch of it. Enjoy!!

Pat Lee

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Creative Flexibility

Thanks you everyone for all of your nice comments on my art. I think it's important creatively to understanding as many aspects of art as much as possible. My primary objective in life was to bring my skill set to any industry I get involved with. Whether it br assisting in developement of a Brand for a client, or conceptualizing or being Production Designer for a movie - having the flexibilty creatively enhances your abilities and mental understanding of what it takes to get BIG projects complete.. And little ones as well. When I wa...Read more

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