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Thanks you everyone for all of your nice comments on my art. I think it's important creatively to understanding as many aspects of art as much as possible. My primary objective in life was to bring my skill set to any industry I get involved with. Whether it br assisting in developement of a Brand for a client, or conceptualizing or being Production Designer for a movie - having the flexibilty creatively enhances your abilities and mental understanding of what it takes to get BIG projects complete.. And little ones as well. When I was younger, I use to only get involved with penciling comics.

As time went on, I grew as an artist. I started understanding Inking, Marker Rendering. From there on a friend of mine taught me how to use Photoshop (13 years ago) from there, I started learning how to develop Intellectual Properties and then found way to understand Photography and "Flash" for website development. After learning that, I grew more of an artist and started to get into toy manufacturing and learned as much as I could about the industry. Even though, I've only designed 6-7 of my own toys, it was still something really fun and an excercise for the creative mindset.

Now, I'm learning so much about film and working around the clock to get my own film division in place. Like many creative souls after drawing 13 years of comics, yup! I felt it was time to Direct and Produce. My base of operations is here in Hong Kong. :) It's exciting and looking forward to meeting everyone here on AliveNotDead! :D



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will you be doing animated films or live action? I heard there are a lot of CG, digital art and animation companies sprouting up in HK now...
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