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"RACKS" Wall Mural - Video

AnD friends,

I just wanted to share this wonderful video shot by Michele Orlando. Special thanks to everyone at Racks and AliveNotDead - Can't thank enough for all those who came by to check out Illustration even though on short notice.


Video:  http://www.youtube.com/v/mj_VMCDFhg0&hl=en


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A Splash of Paint - Racks


Sleeping wierd hours lately -- Things are moving rapidly and it's all really exciting so I guess it's worth the bags. Outside work  - here are some photos of some friends and events of the past week.

Here is a picture of us earlier on the week at Zuma. The food - awesome. ;) It's probably one of my favorite places to eat in Hong Kong now and if you haven't gone there - Do try it. Oh - try the Crab Rolls - they - are - awesome!

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GREY Aliens Illustration

And Folks,

Here is a concept  illustration I did some time ago of a "Grey". There are many different versions out there of this specific ET - but I combined a few different versions that are currently out there. For this particular piece I created my own brush in Photoshop - which is why it looks more like a canvas type painting from far. This piece took about 30 minutes - it's more speed painting then anything else. Hmm what is that black wierd stuff coming out of his ears. Well - be imaginative! ;)

If ...Read more

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Apologize @ Garage Works (Video)

 And Folks,

So here's the story for today. I went to pick up a package at my friend's place @ Garage Works and our good friend Jian was strummin on the guitar so I decided to record it since she knew how to play Apologize by One Republic - my fav song. Here is a video of us having some fun! It's not the whole song but atleast we got a part of it haha! Next time were going to ask Van Ness and Andy to join haha! It was alot of fun though -- check it out:

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The Princess and I

Hey everyone,

I had such a wonderful evening the other day and wanted to share with everyone some pictures. On Monday we went out on a boat called the princess. It was incredibly relaxing and I couldn't have had a more enjoyable Monday afternoon. Here are some photos that I took of our little relaxing voyage:

We started off at ...Read more

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AliveNotDead Birthday Event!

AnD folks,

What a great time yesterday and glad to see everyone there -  First thing was signing the AnD board, I threw up a quick Optimus sketch with a gold pen. Oops, I only have a picture of half of it!


Wonder Twin Patrick was jumping to the crazy beats and Stephen was going a little nuts at the end as...Read more

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It All Begins Here.

 Hey guys!

Well it's been one heck of a month. Currently we are finalizing our first draft of the scrīpt for our feature project and heavily concentrating on getting our storyboards done Phew! Outside of that, I've been wrapping up a music video (sorry can't say who) and getting ready to break down our budget for the feature. Mostly - I've been developing and collaborating projects with a number of companies and individuals such as Graphic Novels, Toy Production so I'm very excited about that -- It's going ...Read more

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One of many stops - Toronto!

It has been one heck of a week from doing conceptual development work for feature and animated shorts to music videos. Phew! So -- I haven't written in a while and to be honest don't have that much pictures to show since I haven't been out partying, but just wanted to share some pictures of home - Through my travels I will be hitting a number of places but REALLY looking forward to seeing my family back in Toronto. Here are a few pics from the past 3 years of my three dogs and my wonderful family! :D I miss you all!!<...Read more

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Bape Concert Craziness!!


And Folks,

It has been one incredible week so far and thank goodness it's Friday. ;) There were a few cray events happening It's too bad I missed out on the Gallerie Event yesterday ( sorry boys, wish I could have made that one). Here's a picture with me and the boys from 24 Herbs and Thaitanium mid this week in Central:

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Van Ness Transformers Lap Top

Hey folks,

I think I had about 3 hours of sleep the night before... Managed to get myself out of my bed for some crazy creative meetings. Just thought I'd blog on this collaboration I did with Van Ness before I get some sleep. I was planning on working late tonight but after such a crazy day I'm going to pass out soon. First of all... Can I just say how nasty it is when the cab driver farts and doesn't roll down the window?? Geez... What's wrong with these guys - I mean, what do they eat? I was so grossed...Read more

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