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Fantasy Key Visual

Here is a digital painting I did few months ago. Most of it done in Photoshop - took me about 8 hours but it's only 60% complete. Still alot more creatures have to be added in. I wanted to give it a Lord of the Rings feeling. Some of the armor on the big Ogre was used with a stamp tool brush - sometimes you can copy and paste a fragment of the armor and then manipulate the coloring to give it a sense realism using multpile layers. Check it out!

Pat Lee

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Changing Your Perception

I wanted to share this with everyone because it shed alot of light into my life at  times when I as feeling down. A feeling which all of us feel at some point of time in our life. When people get to know me they think Im wierd but interesting - mainly because of my belief in spirituality I guess? Or perhaps my deep thoughts and perspective of life.

I believe that we live life to feed our inner soul and to achieve a great understanding of the balance between right and wrong. Sometimes, you won't even be able to answer what...Read more

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Got New Nikon Camera!

I just bought a new Nikon D200 Camera the other day. Got a really great deal on it as I paid around HK10,600 and they threw in a great Nikon camera bag, tripod stand, 2 meg memory card. I'm going to start taking a ton pf pictures now and poste them up. I also love photography as well and there is so much you can do with a camera.

I also go a great lense as well - but actually looking forward to buying a fish eyed lense - which would be a great lense for events and parties plus you could do alot of really cool shoots with lan...Read more

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Hello Everyone,

Holy CRIPES it was hot today in Hong Kong!! I was carrying a 50 pound back pack with my lap top in it and I think the sun gave my lap top enough heat to fry it! @_@ Well - it's Friday night and not going out at all today - too much work to do. Been developing alot of tutorials which I will be sharing with other artists on AliveNot Dead.com - also developing actual video tutorials so that viewers interested can check out how quickly some of us concept designers come up with ideas.

The part about conceptualizin...Read more

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Killzone Trailer - Old, but AWESOME!

Hey folks,

Hope everyone is having a good weekend. I just had to post this older but awesome KILLZONE trailer. It's seriously breath taking if you are into 3D animation. Check it out ;)

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Starcraft 2 Trailer - AWESOME!

Woohoo! It's my birthday can you believe I'm 32 years old and I seriously don't look and feel it. Hah. Anyways, check out this link that my friend sent me. It's pretty awesome if you are a Starcraft fan. Check it out!


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Check this out!! - Warhammer Trailer 3D

Hi creative folks,

Man I got soaked today walking around Time Square while shopping. Hope everyone is doing well. Here on in since I scope around for tons of creative trailers in my industry - I will be throwing up some of the coolest trailers for video games, movies and such that deal with 3D animation - so check out this one for today. It's a Warhammer trailer - can you imagine a whole movie like this?? Would definately be sick!

Check it out!


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Climbing that Mountain

Sunday morning in Hong Kong - It's actually really nice outside. ;) I just wanted to share my thoughts in this Blog Entry for those who feel that they have a passion to reach a goal in life or career but feel they can't lift it off the ground or don't know where to start.

I've always shared with my friends and family how hard I strived in my life to succeed, whether it be learning a new program or trying to win that #1 spot. I remember being in school hearing teachers, classmates and family friends tell me that ...Read more

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Added New Artwork

Hey everyone - I added more concept art to my photo gallery - check it out when you get the chance! Great weather we are having in Hong Kong huh? :)

Pat Lee

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Back in HK!!

Well I am back in Hong Kong Woohoo! I'm working on some designs right now and the sun is rapidly coming up. The weather here is extremely hot for those who are not in HK at the moment. I can't believe how hot it is outside and the moisture really sticks to your skin.

So - my website is getting closer to completion and I'm really excited because I have quite a few pieces in there that no one has seen before. I also watched Fantastic Four yesterday and it was pretty entertaining. Seeing Silver surfer on the big screen was reall...Read more

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