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Pencils to Inks

Hi Everyone sorry I haven't been able to get a new entry in sooner - I have been so swamped with meetings and work. Anyhow, as promised here is a pencil sample of my work and the progress to inks. Usually we work in 11x17" boards and we lay out the artwork with repro blue pencil. We tighten up the lines and add necessary details where needed. We add "X" marks on the areas that are in need of black - this gives the inker an idea as to where to fill the blacks in when inking. You can see the final inked version to the right. I'm a pretty tight penciler when it comes to comics so you can't see too much of a difference other then the blacks and line weights.

Lately I have been doing alot of conceptual type work, developing my company website and trying to handle a billion things at one time. Luckily I have help. Phew. I'm also doing my own clothing line and shooting some sample commercials in Thailand in which I will throw up here when they are done. I'm currently in Toronto at the moment and spending alot of time with family Wooho! Since I haven't seen them for about 6 months - it's nice to be with them and my 3 dogs and finally drive in my car. Kakak. If you have any questions regarding art - shoot them at my Blog and I will be checking daily and will respond as quickly as possible. :) Enjoy the art and oh yeah! - check out my gallery - I have some Transformers artwork in there that I did for Hasbro 3 years ago. Enjoy!!

Pat Lee

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great stuff. do you get any say in who inks your art? it can make a big difference in the final product right?
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