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Party @ Racks!

Hi Everyone!

Well, I hope that everyone had a wonderful chinese new years and everyone was enjoying there break! -- well, I think that the break continues for what? Another week? -- Nice! Yesterday was Dan's birthday so we all went out to Racks to celebrate. I forgot to bring my stick! Owell - after that we went to Volar and met up with more friends. Anyways - here are some pictures from yesterday, enjoy!

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Conceptualizing a Black Dragon

                                      " Conceptualizing a Black Dragon"


Alot of people ask me how I start my concept designs. Well, first it initially starts...Read more

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A Director's perspective

Well, here I am in Toronto while most people in Hong Kong are close to sleeping or out partying. I'm currently at Star Bucks right now writing a film treatment and really happy how things are flowing. Weather here is not as cold as it was in the past few days and listening to my Ipod - the usual theatrical music composed by H. Zimmer - greatest composer in feature film.

Developing a feature film isn't the easiest task. It needs all the elements in place to satisfy a veiwer who pays his movie ticket of nine dollars...Read more

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Shaw Active Sound - 3D Video


AnD Folks,

I've been getting alot of requests to show case the animation I directed for Shaw Studios so here it is finally for all of you who were unable to attend the opening night as well as too far to make it to HK theatres to check it out.

Don't mind the quality of the animation - it was shot in the Shaw sound stage on a small screen. This video footage was taken during sound testing after animation.

Enjoy! :)

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Cold Toronto - Pics

WOW it's really cold here in Toronto -

But loving every second of it. Nothing like spending Christmas holidays with family with snowfall on Christmas day. Lately been just working on some conceptual designs for a feature film handling Art Direction - yup working on Christmas day. Anyways, here are some pictures that I took while I have been in Toronto. Mostly hanging at Star Bucks working, writing and getting prepped up for 2008. Busy busy ...Read more

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In Loving Memory....

Well I'm finally back in Toronto to visit and it has been wonderful to see my family and old friends that I haven't seen for awhile. Seeing my little nephews and being able to spend time with loved ones has really givin me time to relax. I've been spending alot of time at Chapters having Star Bucks coffee reading books and writing scrīpts. Thank God I brought my new lap top back with me since it has alot more battery time. I've missed my huge bed at home and most of all the dogs, Caleb, Turbo Maximus and Halo.

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Shaw Promo now in theatres

AnD friends,

Thanks for all of your support in the new MCL Grand Theatre. We had a great turnout with over 30 TVB stars as well as producers and directors from all over. It was nice to see my animation in theatres finally and if you want to check it out with it's full sound capacity, you can go to the Elements theatre and check out the final versi...Read more

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Insane Karaoke!!

AnD Folks,

Ok. I have to admit it was a little crazy last night guys hahah! @_@ HOWEVER, it was also extremely fun. Patrick - you kicked some a$$ on the mic yesterday haha! That was awesome. So - we had an incredible time at Karaoke and everyone was singing there lungs out and having a blast. The best was when we had 3 Patrick Lee's singing and we had the entire room of 20 somewhat people jumping in the air putting there hands up to Limp Bizkit and Zombie. I think some of us had waaaayyy too much to drink and I believe we broke a...Read more

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Crazy Theatres @_@

AnD Folks,

Hope everyone is enjoying there weekend so far. We went in yesterday to check out the sound on my animation for the Shaw promo. Just wanted to show pictures of the new MCL theatres - the chairs shake and viabrate according to the sounds it's pretty incredible. They have special VIP theatres, cool huh? 2nd picture is Lloyd (Producer) sitting - ...Read more

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Crazy Sound System @_@

Hey everyone,

Past few days I have been spending much of my time with the Shaw folks being introduced to their new sound board. Check out the pics below - crazy systems, I felt I was on the Star Trek Enterprise (lol!).

 @_@ Phew. Not much sleep, few hours here and there and finalizing a project for an MMOG in the US. I think we worked on over 100 designs in total - PHEW!! Also working on multiple side projects here and there with companies all over the world. Below - check out these pics. Dang, sux that I couldn't m...Read more

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