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I... STill... FunCtion!!!

Okay, so I'm a little nuts but when you are doing storyboards you just CAN'T stop. Since my last blog I think I've done about... hmm 15 images and all digitally painted. Wish I can show you guys some of the work that I'm doing for our film project. We are painting all the storyboards digitally panel by panel. Lots of work but it's well worth it. Want it to be perfect. Crudd, I don't think I'm going to be sleeping much -- meetings in the morning! Gotta get some coffee.

Back to storyboarding...

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Drawing the ALIEN!!!

AnD Gang,

Ok.. So I didn't break my hand April Fools Day! It's kinda obvious too after you see these pictures on my blog. So, it has been an eventful week working around the clock and also having a ton of fun while Van Ness has been in town for a few days.


SO!! Where do I start. Ok, there are going to be a t...Read more

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Busted drawing hand!! AarrGGg!! @_@

Ok... So, this blog is going to take forever cause IM trying to type with One hand and the hand that I barely usee. I was at a Karaoke today with all the And Boyz sorry Stephen, wish you were there. We we're celebrating Aimee Chan's birthday and I was heading to the washoom and some door knob Nailed my hand as I was abot to open the door and I just hear a crunch on my wrist. So, gotta head to the doctors tomorrow but I think it's gonna take a long time to heal - atleast a few weeks.

Anyways, if you stop...Read more

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I can't believe I'm still up this late working...

Ok, so it's 6:33am right now and I am STILL up so late working on a music video. Sorry - can't say which one but you will definately see it soon as I will upload here on my blog. Today has been a busy but wonderful day. I met a highly spiritual person who goes by the name of Danny Chau, who is a part of AliveNotDead as well -- so look him up. ;) Thanks to Rosanne and Race -- by the way thank you for that lovely lunch, we had a wonderful time with Danny who is such an incr...Read more

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NIKE Event Pictures!!

Hey Folks!

2 nights ago was the Nike Gallery event. It was great to see all kinds of artwork on the wall there. If you didn't check it out -- some artists were doing some pieces for charity -- it was quite interesting to see how the artists would incorporate "THE ONE" into there painting. Check out some of the pictures:

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Craziness @_@ Load of pics!

Hey Everyone,

Ok - sorry for not blogging for a week -- I've been collecting all the pictures from all the events, parties, places that I've visited in the past week so hope this makes up for the times I haven't been blogging. It has so far been a wonderful week. Started off by doing some practice runs early last week after my event on how fast I could draw -- so I did this quick 30 minute Alien sketch on a slab of wood we found 1st floor of building. Here it is:

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Diesel Event - THANK YOU EVERYONE!! :D

AnD Folks!

I just have to say WOW!!

Thank you so much for all of your support everyone. I wanted to give a big thanks to Chris Kong for helping me so much on the event, Lloyd @ Shaw, Federico @ Diesel, Rose, Race, Patrick, Stephen, Raff, Jian, Crazy Phil, Sky, Grace, Andrew and wife, Terence, Conroy/24 Herbs, Josie, Li-Tong, Mio (coming all the way from Japan! You rock!!), Fern, Burton (for all your great pictures), Laura (for all your wonderful support), the entire AnD crew and EVERYONE who came to the ...Read more

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Diesel Event - Today!!

AnD Folks,

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone that came out today that supported the Diesel event -- It was a great 2.5 hours today and it was nice to see everyone there! Unfortunately we could make it live for those who couldn't make it -- but thanks to Raff he was able to video tape the WHOLE thing on camera so everyone can watch.

After the event, went out to dinner with the Diesel folks and then headed over to Racks where everyone got me pretty wasted! Ir was alot of fun and looking forward to seeing ever...Read more

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Live stream of my live performance illustration

Update from Etchy:

Pat Lee did it!  Took slightly more than 2 hours , but he did an amazing job!

here's a photo of him in action:

We tried to do a webcast, but due to limited bandwidth on location, it was not very successful,  but a complete video is coming soon, in the meanwhile, please check out some more photos here:

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Diesel Event - Feb.23rd @_@

AnD Folks,

Hope everyone had a wonderful Chinese New Years and Goooong Hay Fat Choy! -- I'm pretty excited about this event that I'm doing - I think it's going to be a little CRAZY since I really gave myself very limited art utincels to use for the Diesel Event, but I think it's a good challenge so I'm VERY excited. I bought these really thick markers and have different nozel spray cans along with some brushes that I might not even use. I might need a can of black paint as well -- buuuut I might not nee...Read more

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