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Digital Painting

Now that Photoshop and programs like Painter are so advanced, you can pretty much paint a picture and it probably would freak people out how close it can look like oils on canvas. I usually swapp back and forth with both programs.

Usually digital painters will start off with a basic layout on a grey background using an angle black brush just to get an idea of how they want the overall image to look like. It's really rough and usually takes 30 - 60 minutes. From there we detail it out with again, using just a black brush and often use the eraser tool to take out unwanted paint. When we have everything done in black and grey, we begin using a light grey to white brush and start gouging highlights here and there to pop out the image. We keep doing this until it takes a 3D form.

From there we usually use a multiple and overlay layers to bring out some color then add a final layer for special FX like smoke, lighting, fire, gleams, rain lightning etc. most people are like... uhmm.. I dont get it!! Once you understand the basics of Photoshop, you will understand the terms - so get on it!! :D

I personally love oil painting, but it takes FOREVER to do. So, digital painting is a great way to meet a clients deadline crunch. Specially for video game and film work. NE how, just thought I'd throw this up here since people have been requesting for this info. :) Below is just a design I did of an anime style character -  I love illustrating these one shot characters, totally fun. Enjoy! -- and I hope the mini tutorial upstairs helped in some way or form. ;)

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Yuh know, photoshop is really interesting - even more so > Miya for 3D animation. You can get quite real now where you can't even tell the different anymore between what is real and what is animation. Painter is the best program for painting> If you have the time to use it. It's not as fast as Photoshop but you can do some really great stuff with Painter. I use a "Wacom Intuos 2 Tablet" they are expensive but VERY useful. Graphire is good to start out with, but like a 911 Porsche - once you drive it you never want anything else. ;) So, if you have the cash to spend, get an Intuos.
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