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Toronto, ORIUS, Film Projects.多倫多,ORIUS,電影計劃|多伦多,ORIUS,电影计划

Hey Folks,Before leaving Toronto we celebrated my niece's 4th birthday. She is such a princess. Here is a picture of her blowing out the candles haha! Like puff the magic dragon. POOF! There was an error in my flight coming back to HK - due to some miscommunications with the travel agency, but luckily that happened as I had to finalize some development work for client in Toronto. Read more

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Toronto - Winter Wonderland|多倫多 - 冬日奇境|多伦多 - 冬日奇境


Here are some pictures of the SHEONE event before i left to Toronto.

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Apple X RED X SHAW Event Pictures|Apple X RED X 邵氏活動照片|Apple X RED X 邵氏活动照片

We had a wonderful event with Apple and RED at Shaw Studios where 300 people showed up. The event was to showcase how Apple and RED products support each other in film production. It was exciting to see how many people showed up and I got a chance to illustrate a ROBOT piece using black acrylic paint. The live painting lasted for 30 minutes and we...Read more

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SheOne @ GarageWorks

Well I'm looking forward to the 27th as it's going to be a pretty crazy and fun day. I'll be heading to Shaw studios for the Apple/RED event at 2pm for few hours - really looking forward to it. Following after I will be heading over to GarageWorks for the SheOne event then hopefully party till morning! Haven't been able to do much lately other then my head on a desk and work so it will be nice to relax with friends that night. It was nice to see Vanness in town - peace bro, lookin sharp! Looking forward to doing another G...Read more

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Pat Lee with APPLE and RED|Pat Lee 與 APPLE 和 RED|Pat Lee 与 APPLE 和 RED

Hey folks, I will be doing a live performance at Shaw Studios with Apple and Red. Hope everyone is doing well. Find out more information at:www.patleeproductions.blogspot.comPeACE!! |Read more

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That's a RAP!|這是 RAP!|这是 RAP!

Hey folks,

One of my friends from L.A sent me this funny Star Wars Rap Video and wanted to share with everyone - it's pretty slick haha!



在洛杉磯的朋友發給我這個有趣的星球大戰 Rap 視頻,想和大家分享 - 相當巧妙,哈哈!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-XLch-55xns


在洛杉矶的朋友发给我这个有趣的星球大战 Rap 视频,想和大家分享 - 相...Read more

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Building Sites!|建網站!|建网站!

Sup Folks,

We will be launching a new website on March 30th which is www.patleecreative.com. The site will showcase much of my artwork as I will be updating it on a weekly basis and will share with everyone the details of some of the projects that we have been developing - including work progress, new products and NEWS. It's exciting to develop this site and have it finally come out as it mostly revolves around my artwork and all my collabs - which has been ver...Read more

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PLP Update on Projects

We have been working on a number of projects recently - we are getting ramped up to work on another comic book project with some HK companies which we are very excited about. I've also been consulting for some companies in China and also developing a few of our own IPS, one being a childrens property and the other which we plan to develop into a feature film and comic book. I've also been working on my own brand label - which I have to admit is quite exciting. Looking forward to doing some music videos this year.

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Weekend Workin but Chillin...|忙碌充實的周末...|忙碌充实的周末...

Waking up in the morning, lots of paperwork to organize.

Time to grab some food with some friends.

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New Purchases

We have been working on the new PLP website and the Pat Lee Creative website this month. Will be all complete at the end of this month. Here are some new products that I picked up last week. Check'em out:I really like these rings above. Well sculpted and good price p...Read more

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