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Calling on Actors... Acting.... ACTION!!

Ok. So, someone I knew who knew someone who knew someone, asked me if I would join them in a little bit of acting... Since back in the DAY (like a real real real long time ago) I was into all that..... Anyway, the point of this is, I've done presenting 'n all but after that day of filming - I have a question to all the actors out there: (cuz i wanna pick your brains....)How do you determine that you did good?(or how do you measure your performance?)

I mean, I see it on playback and I think ok... whatever - it's me, and I know the director would 're-take' if he wanted it done again/differently........... but is it all immeasurable and just arbitrary????  (**Win an ōscar=you are good)All comments welcome. (+Let me know if you are an actor).A little pic of part of the set.... (can't tell u what its for....... yet.)

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