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Kicking it in Shanghai!

Just arrived!! Well, arrived like 13 hours ago......... but still........ I'm in Shanghai! Freakin busy........ kinda my fault cuz i organised to meet everyone as soon as I got off the plane........ which didnt really help cuz I didn't really sleep, and well, decided to take a couple of espresso shots before I started shaking, so I stopped that. Not good.Anyhoo, got my laptop screen replaced cuz i smashed my old 'un........ also wasnt good.ok. so visited my grandma (me bebes GREAT GRAND MA) just before i left; check out the self-sustaining veggie garden........Great GRAND MAMA + Great MONSTER BEBEAnd, some shameless advertising. (didn't do this on purpose... believe me! it just so happened to be that way when I packed..... I SWEAR!!! BELIEVE ME!!!)Shameless. No shame. The gods made my clothes fall like that. Believe. I'm not that sad to take pics of my bag...... or am i?

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Liannelin 1d liannelin
hey there! your main video isn't working. fyi.
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