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Dog + Music Video = Cool!

My little dog friday in the first (30 seconds) of the music video:Band of Skulls: Sweet Sour(Licence to: Vagrant Records)Their tracks featured on: The Hangover II, Gossip Girl, MLB10, FIFA, Gran Turismo, Twilight Saga etc.Video: http://youtu.be/ISkEUIZDpAk[www.g3dogs.com](http://www.g3dogs.com)

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Add a furry friend!

Possibly a new addition to the family.Meet: Baku.He is from top European Bloodlines (German Shepherd Dog).Very exciting stuff.

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World’s largest privately-owned animal protection!

Amazes me what people can do in this world:A shelter with 1500 dogs....To read more:http://blog.minitofu.com/2010/12/chinas-largest-animal-migration-1500-stray-dogs-relocated-to-new-shelter/

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In CNN! Awesome!

Been a while since my blog, I know. Anyhow, in the tradition of Christmas and releasing EXCLUSIVEinfo on this awesome site (AnD) I introduce another source of awesomeness of: ###How to truly pamper your pooch in Shanghai this Christmas on CNNgo To Read more Click Here -------------->Read more

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My BOY in the BROCHURE!!

Ah, so proud! :) Look what I got in the mail today!!He has no idea......... haha. Coming up to two years old, he did this brochure shoot when he could barely sit (6months ish) - I showed him the photo, he kinda just looked at it, dribbled a bit, then wondered off. No idea.So cute!!! (NB The other kids are gorgeous too!!) Read more

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China and Responsible Dog Ownership

Hello. I answer a few Q&As in this article as published on China Daily on the 1st Aug on their 'new' pet section.

This article was written by Wang Jing. Enjoy.


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On a tight leashBy Shi Ying-ying (China Daily)

Updated: 2010-04-13 10:32

READ FULL ARTICLE HERE:http://www.chinadaily.com.cn/life/2010-04/13/content_9722051.htmAlthough it was nice to be featured in this article, I'd thought I'd share some personal views on my perspective of the piece.  ...Read more

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My Dogs on Recall

So, I guess a picture paints a thousand words - and a video probably more...My dogs Yellow (and Friday) while walking in the park.I work on Yellow and her recall and in the video, you'll see 5 short clips.(and my baby boy wandering around at the back....) :)The reason I have a 100% recall (and an ecollar) on her is because she can be stupid at times.  She 'can' get moody with other dogs... maybe like 2% of the time.I'm sure some will say 'then don't let her off the lead' - but I think that's worse - keeping a...Read more

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The Truth About Electric-Collars for Dogs

E-collar, Remote Collar, Shock Collar, Electric collar.Before ANYONE passes judgement, I urge you to hear me out, and spend just a minute reading what I have to share.A lot of people think this device is a bad thing.  It emits an electric charge to an animal, 1. one type is by remote or another 2. a 'containment system' which communicates to the dog a given boundary.I will...Read more

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No updates for a while. I've been busy... and I'm putting together an ebook/manual on training dogs.I've read too many books that are full of brown stuff.  Hopefully, my thoughts will be gold to you.I'll be posting parts on the blog in the coming month.  

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