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My Dogs on Recall

So, I guess a picture paints a thousand words - and a video probably more...My dogs Yellow (and Friday) while walking in the park.I work on Yellow and her recall and in the video, you'll see 5 short clips.(and my baby boy wandering around at the back....) :)The reason I have a 100% recall (and an ecollar) on her is because she can be stupid at times.  She 'can' get moody with other dogs... maybe like 2% of the time.I'm sure some will say 'then don't let her off the lead' - but I think that's worse - keeping a dog on the lead all the time....  I let them do whatever they want when we're out on our walks - I just ask them to listen to me when I want them to come back...These are my pets, and I'm not out there training them every day... but I do when I can because they seem to enjoy it.  Maybe it's the interaction, or maybe it's just the food.... With Yellow, she has the e-collar on (for safety) but during the clip below, the collar was never used.With Friday, (the black dog) he has a 98% recall - the other 2%, I don't really care about because I'm not 'that' bothered.  He's lucky because he'll back from anything for a bit of a treat.Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZQ5H6HFsVNs

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