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I emerge from my blogging silence in a hotel room in Tulsa, OK where the short version of the story is I had a helluva week. The long version of this week is reserved for a shrink's couch or tell-all autobiography. But in short, I'm no longer the nauseous home-buying mess that I was in LA. I'm feeling much better. I'm ready to face the world again when I close escrow in mid-March and enter life as a mortgage paying slave.

That is, if I can ever get home. I'm on the road for another week so I can pay for said new home. I head to New York tomorrow where my friend Ann, who was a recently eliminated contestant on a VH1 dating show is having me out to her school to do a lecture and performance! I know people in high places!

Contrary to popular belief, I did not "get killed" here in the Bible Belt. It is my first time in Oklahoma and I was so happy to be welcomed with these big banners downtown where my receding gums were on the display for the whole city to see!

Oklahoma is not a bunch of people in overalls and no shoes standing in fields with guns! They are people who love theater!

I did a public egomaniac dance in the street.

I took this picture of me on the festival posters on "Cherry Street" and a woman inside this studio ran out into the street after me screaming, "Are you the girl on the poster?"

The shows went so well. Some people asked me before I left, "Are there enough Asian women in Tulsa to come to your show?" And my response was, "I don't need an audience of only Asian women! White people love me!"

Kristina Wong is the new black! And Tulsa came out to my show! Only one older Asian woman came to my show. She was very sweet. An older Asian woman who put $5 in a Chinese New Year envelope and during the pre-show walked onto the stage and whispered, "Miss Wong? Happy New Year" and put it in my lap.

I never got to thank her. So I just wanted to let that lady know THANK YOU. It was very touching. THANK YOU!

Before Saturday's show we went to Pawhuska, an hour from Tulsa to check out the Bison.

It was like a road safari. We were able to see the Bison from the car. Many of them were just 20 feet from the road. Bison eat and shit in the same place-- what many would liken to a "workplace romance."

I avoided stepping on Bison pie! I have the rest of my life to step in shit.

Bedtime! Eastward ho!

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What a somber name for a site. Death? Yeeks!

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