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Lyrics to Sinorita



By F.B.I.

Lyrics by Cain McInerney


Welcome to FBI

(Chinese 2011) 2011

Open your eyes, see the fbi!


Hey there mamacita, you are my sweet lolita

(right, oh right)

They call you Sinorita, but I know your name is Rita

(right, oh right)

I'll take you to the place, we'll dance the night away

(the night, all night)

You got to shake that bum bum, you got to shake your booty!

(Nice, So nice!)

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RENT - my 'One Song Glory'

The production of RENT the musical has to be one of the best experiences of my life. I am really grateful to Lindsey McAllister (Director) for giving...Read more

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See you at the Hong Kong GBOB tomorrow night

Not only am I ROGER in the production of RENT being performed later this month...


but, tomorrow night I will be competing with my band and buddies FBI at the Hong Kong Global Battle of the Bands competition for the chance to represent HK in the China final.


Hope to see many of my friends and fans there!


Here is the video from HEAT 6. We play 'Ghouls'n' Ghosts' and 'FU'. Though, we won't play these songs at the final. Instead, ...Read more

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RENT tickets on sale on next Monday

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Romeo & Juliet 2010

Romeo & Juliet

I can’t believe it is April already and I still haven’t written a blog this year. How time flies! I am sure time goes faster as you get older. So, I thought that I would do a little backtracking and tell you what I have been doing on the side, aside from FBI. Starting with R&J and...



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4th Underground Review

90th Underground!!!

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I am featured in BC Magazine

F.B.I. and me

An article about F.B.I. and me in the latest issue of BC magazine... since you can't see what is written 'cos it's so small, I have typed it out below. Please enjoy!



What do you expect of the upcoming Guns N Ammunition show?

I expect the audience to have a lot of...Read more

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The Clockenflap Files




The Clockenflap Files

A HK point of view



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Clockenflap event is a two-day music and visual arts outdoor festival in Hong Kong. I was lucky enough to get some free passes from Choochootv to go to th...Read more

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Up close and personal with Masta Mic and The Justice Family

Hi All,

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I have been really busy lately… it has been hectic in the last couple of weeks. FBI came second in the Global Battle of the Bands (and I hear from the judges that it was really damn close). I have been rehearsing heaps for the Sweeney Todd musical which is on at the end of the month (and rehearsals are getting more frequent) and I am not sure how I have found time to do anything else. It is starting to t...Read more

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March 12, 2008