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Up close and personal with Masta Mic and The Justice Family

Hi All,

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I have been really busy lately… it has been hectic in the last couple of weeks. FBI came second in the Global Battle of the Bands (and I hear from the judges that it was really damn close). I have been rehearsing heaps for the Sweeney Todd musical which is on at the end of the month (and rehearsals are getting more frequent) and I am not sure how I have found time to do anything else. It is starting to take it's toll on my body...


But, when Choochootvasked me to do some more interviews for them, I couldn’t turn them down…


So, the other day I got to talk to Masta Mic and the Justice Family (in English) for Choochootv as they are trying to promote their show BEAT VISION that is coming up this Saturday 14 th of November at The Fringe Club.


Masta Mic has been referred to as Hong Kong's freestyling King as he has won many freestyling competitions. I tried to get him to explain why people call him that and lead him onto the answer I wanted, but he was just too modest. Saying that's just what some of his friends like to call him... Come on man, you have won many competitions that has given you the right to claim that title!


As usual, I did some research on the group and asked them many questions about themselves. I asked so many questions, that there were alot of good questions and answers that were left out of the video that I would have liked to have seen. Especially my question: “So, you call yourselves ‘The Justice League’… are you really Super Heroes?”


The only thing was that we were having some problems with my personal mic and we didn’t realise until later on during the interview. But, they managed to leap that little hurdle by putting my questions in subtitles on the screen.


Masta Mic did all of the talking as the other members of his crew weren’t as confident in speaking English… and poor guys, Masta Mic didn’t tell them it would be in English and they all froze up. Ohwell. Make sure you watch until the end of the clip because I get to ask him a really personal question… he has an addiction… do you know what it is? You will find out at the end of the interview…


Thanks! Enjoy the video…




Coming up soon will be footage of some interviews I conducted at Clockenflap.So, wait and see what is in store… really worth waiting for!

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