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Some of you may have heard of a new online tv station called Choochootv… some...Read more

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A Night of Threesomes

A Night of Threesomes

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This blog is titled ‘A night of threesomes’ for many reasons. The first reason is that I had three things to do that night. 1: I had to do a performance with F.B.I. at the alivenotdead anniversary party. 2: I had to MC HK Live!. 3: I had to do an interview for Choochootv.


The second reason that this blog is named so is because there were three events that I knew about that were on this night; the alivenotdead pa...Read more

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Check it out!


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How I pulled off two shows in the one night

Last Saturday night FBI performed for the Tribute to Nirvana show and we got the crowd warmed up for things to come. It was great! We played three Nirvana covers; Heart Shaped Box, Come as you are AND About a girl. I can really say that we played it better than any practices we had. For me especially, the fact that I didn't make any mistakes with the lyrics was a big thing. I went away feeling very happy with myself indeed.

Unfortunately for me, I couldn't stay to support the other bands. As soon as...Read more

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Living the Dream

This Saturday is jammed packed for me. First I will be going to the Tribute to Nirvana/Kurt Cobain show at BACKSTAGE that FBI will be opening for. Then, as soon as I have finished my set I have to run over to The Fringe Club where I will be the MC for HK Live! once again.

Abit of a shame that I have to miss out on watching the rest of the Tribute show because I am eager to listen to more Nirvana covers and see the other band's take on them.

We were only asked a few weeks ago to play for this show so we haven't had muc...Read more

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I will be guest MC for Sushi Robot

I am very excited to be going to this weekend's underground for several reasons. One reason is because two of my friend's bands will be playing this evening. Kowloon City Strike Force and Sushi Robot. I am more excited about the later band because they have asked me to be a guest MC for their set. Though, I am mainly there to support my KCSF for their first Underground show.

Sushi Robot play live electronic dance music and need someone to do a little bit of a rap over top. Last night we had our only practice...Read more

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I review Underground 76 @ The Melting Pot

After writing my own review of The Underground Compilation CD Party 2 I was approached by Chris B, the organiser of the Underground, to see if I wanted to write a review for them in the future. She said that she really like my article and wanted me to do a review of an Underground sometime in the near future.

I asked if I could review half of the bands because I didn't want to huge task of having to write a review for 6 bands at the one time. She told me it was either all or nothing. So, I decided to grab...Read more

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A rant about nothing and everything

Turns out that the other guys from the band read my blog about the taxi driver and so last night at band practice they consoled me, told me not to worry and that all Hong Kong taxi drivers suck. Which is not entirely true. I have had some really nice taxi drivers. Some who don't speak a word of English, but see I can speak a little Cantonese so attempt to have a conversation with me. Even though I don't understand 100% of what they are saying, I can make all the small talk and I fill in the blanks for all of the re...Read more

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Since coming to prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" /Hong Kong I have experienced the most racism towards me for my colour of skin. This story is a testament to that:

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After having lunch, my girlfriend and I were feeling very lazy as we had just played two hours of non-stop badminton for the day, so we decided to take a taxi home. I was also suffering from a hangover from the night before so walkin...Read more

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Looking forward to a weekend full of music

This weekend is going to be jammed packed with music for me.

My band, FBI, are going to perform at The Vine this Friday night for an all-ages show called Rockstar United . I am really excited about this gig because the crowd there are so excitable and I know that there will be lots of moshing going on. I really want to get some footage of the crowd going mental. There is going to be over 100+ people there, including a chick from work and even my girlfriend's younger c...Read more

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