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Stuck in a rut

One Sunday morning ago, after a night on the piss I turned on my computer to find a nice suprise. It was the mix of  'Man Love!' that we recorded in the studio.

I previously had received 'Don't quit your day job' and I thought that it was awesome. It came out just how I wanted it to. Though the guys were not as impressed as I was, because they complained that the recording sounded too live. But, that is what I was expecting. I knew it would have more of a live feel to it.

So, when I played the first mix of &...Read more

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We will rock you!

Well, the weather on the weekend wasn't good enough for going to the beach. But, it was a great time to watch a musical.

'We will rock you' was awesome! If you are familiar with the band 'Queen', then you definately should go to see this show. If not, you should still go anyway.

The lead actor, MiG Ayesa, was brilliant. His vocals were great and made me wonder whether they were miming, it was that good. MiG's claim to fame is that he was a finalist on INXS' search for a new lead singer.

Mi...Read more

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Return to Mark-1 & LKF

Last Wednesday night I returned to Mark-1 Studios to finish recording the vocals for the Underground Compilation cd.

I knew exactly what I wanted to do before I got there (which is always good!).

I started with 'Don't quit your day job' which actually sounded pretty good before I did any touching up. Koya had already began to mix the song and I was liking how it was turning out. What I did was put two extra vocal tracks, one high and one low, over the top of the existing one. These vocal tracks on their ...Read more

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I had a threesome with the members of FBI

What I meant is that I had three shows with FBI: Yo-Park+LKF Beerfest+Backstage in the space of only three days. Kinda like a threesome. lol!

I better watch what I say... I have already gotten in trouble from my gf for my comment about having a part-time gf, aswell as a full-time gf. I was only joking around! Unfortunately for me, my girlfriend doesn't have a sense of humour ( slap!). Oh no! I think I am in trouble again.

Last weekend was very busy for FBI. We have never played ...Read more

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One down... two to go

Just finished the show @ Yo Park last night. We had a fun time playing there. We were supposed to play earlier, but the show was delayed so we got on very late.

We banged out the first few songs effortlessly, and the songs were well received by the crowd. But, by the last song my voice was beginning to disappear and I had lost all momentum. I was really exhausted. It is evident that I haven't fully recovered from being sick... and I am still not fit enough.

So, I guess that means that I have to go and do some exercis...Read more

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1 year in a Nutshell- from I to FBI

It has been a year now since I met Jerald in ATTACHE bar in Ma On Shan and later formed FBI.

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So, I guess you could say it is our birthday this month or something. It is hard to believe that it has already been a year. We are thinking about having a birthday celebration in ATTACHE at the end of next month. We want to go back to the roots. We are a New Territories band. Believe it or not.


Time has gone fast and we are ha...Read more

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The Underground Compilation

The Undeground Compilation CD1 - Recording at Mark-1 studio


Recording at Mark-1 was heaps of fun for all of us guys. In the end we decided to record 'Man Love!' and 'Don't quit your day job' for the Underground compilation cd. I know some of you may ask why we chose 'Don't quit your day job' over 'The Masquerade' or 'Loneliness'. I guess the main reason we chose this song was that we wanted to record at least one song that was not one of the ones we recorded previou...Read more

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Underground 57 @ The Cavern


Notes from a Gwailo:-

19/4 I was greeted this morning by the howling wind and the unrelentless rain. Something wasn't quite right with the weather, I thought. It probably sounds very strange, but I have always been looking forward to a full blown typhoon since I started living in Hong Kong. But, in the two, almost three years that I have been in Hong Kong there hasn't been a typhoon number 8 signal hoisted. The only time the...Read more

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I can't concentrate at work :(

Can't eat, can't sleep

Just wanna play for the peeps

Can't wait, can't think

Get yourself another drink


Got the sound

That's got us getting down

This Saturday, don't be late

Will you be my dinner date?

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Underground 57 @ The Cavern

F.B.I. would really like your support for Underground 57! This is our last gig we have planned until the end of May.

NEWS FLASHWe are excited to announce that we will be recording some songs for the 1st Underground Compilation CD. We can't wait to go to Mark 1 studios to do the recording. We get to record two songs and we are still unsure of what songs we should do.Which 2 songs of F.B.I. would you like to hear on the Underground Compilation CD?

We still plan to keeprecording songs for...Read more

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