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Sweeney Todd tickets on sale!!!

Join me as I play , 'Adolfo Pirelli', the Italian Barber in the musical of Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street.

Tickets are onsale viawww.urbtix.hk

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Third Underground Review!!!

Underground Review 85

It wasn't so long ago I was writing a blog about doing a review for Underground 84... so I didn't expect to be writing another review for the Underground so soon. But, I got such a good response from Chris t...Read more

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The rollercoaster of emotions-no pictures/just words

Life is full of their ups and downs, aren’t they?

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You may have noticed that there was no HK Live! held at The Fringe Club this month. So, I haven’t needed to go into Choochootv to do any band interviews. It is a little disappointing because I have been enjoying it and having a good run. I don’t really want to stop the momentum of conducting interviews because I felt like I was only just getting comfortable with it. Not ...Read more

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I review Underground 84

Saturday, August 22nd, 2009

This was my second attempt at reviewing an Underground show. There were six bands playing at the LKF Beer Bar this night: Logo, Pleasure Garden, Dear Jane, Tai Tai Alibi, Velvette Vendetta and Lazy Susans. Funnily enough there were two bands that I had written rev...Read more

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Dear Jane + In Love And Pain HK Live Interviews

Tonight is going to be a great night. We have One Arm Bear, In Love And Pain, plus Dear Jane rocking it up at HK Live! Too bad I am in Australia at the moment and I am going to miss out on it. It will be the first time that I haven't MCed this show in 9 months. If I was in Hong Kong I would be definately there MCing the show... and what a show it is going to be. The line-up is great and I get to meet up with all the  bands first hand because of my role of interviewer at Choochootv.

You already have ...Read more

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One Arm Bear- HK Live Interview

I didn't really know much about these guys before I went into the interview, except that they are from Canada. Yeah I looked at their myspace, facebook and their official website. But, I couldn't get a feel for specific questions to ask them that would make this interview more interesting for the viewers. So, unfortunately for you lot I just ask all of the rudimentary questions, trying to get an understanding of the guys sitting before me.

You know what I found out, that they are really nice guys. We ended up g...Read more

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My interview with Nick Dynamo from 108 RECRORDS

Sorry I didn't post this one up earlier. I have been busy lazing around the pool and working out so that I can get rid of some of that baby fat off me.

I did this interview the day after the one with Quan, but obviously because Quan was priority ONE in my brain I forgot to mention 108 Bandits straight away.

Now, this guy, Nick Dynamo, is a very interesting guy. He has a very particular way of talking which can be quite addictive. Haha! He just won't shut up, which is cool! But, you can s...Read more

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I interview one of my idols- Quan from Regurgitator!!!

So much has been going on lately! In the last week I have done two interviews for Choochootv for the HK Live! show coming up this Saturday. But, for this blog I am just going to talk about the first interview, for now.



The first interview I got to do was with Quan ( Read more

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Heal the world- MJ will live in our hearts forever

Thinking about Michael Jackson's tragic death brings tears to my eyes. He has been such an inspiration to me and to many many people in the world. I remember when I was in Primary school and I performed dances of MJ's routine in front of the school.

One in particular I can remember doing was the song 'Black or White', having listened to the album , 'Dangerous', non-stop. I did the dance with a friend of mine who later played footy with me and would sometimes say, "Remembe...Read more

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Sweeney Todd- Adolfo Pirelli

Sweeney Todd- Adolfo Pirelli

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Thanks to alivenotdead’s castings I was able to find out about an audition for the play Sweeney Todd: Demon Barber of Fleet Street. So, I went to the audition and sang the part for the main role, but I was actually not interested in taking on that much responsibility. They seemed to be impressed with my performance, but I made it clear...Read more

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