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Romeo & Juliet 2010

Romeo & Juliet

I can’t believe it is April already and I still haven’t written a blog this year. How time flies! I am sure time goes faster as you get older. So, I thought that I would do a little backtracking and tell you what I have been doing on the side, aside from FBI. Starting with R&J and...



Since my last blog I appeared in the play: Romeo & Juliet, as Juliet’s cousin, Tybalt. If you don’t know the story, my character is the antagonist of the story. He is very cocky, rude and arrogant. I loved playing this character because I got to die again. “Why AGAIN?” you say. Well, the first HK play I appeared in was Sweeney Todd and I got to play the character, Pirelli, who dies. So, in my first two performances I die. Pretty cool stat I think. The difference this time is that I had to lay quite still for a long time until the end of the scene. To make matters worse I just completed an elaborate fighting scene with Romeo in which he flips me over his shoulder onto the ground and proceeds to stab me. I have to lay there and try not to breathe, which is pretty difficult.


On the second night of performances we had a packed crowd and lots of schools attended. I guess this may have made Romeo a little bit nervous and during this fighting scene when he was supposed to flip me, he lifted me up pretty high and dropped me on the ground like a sack of $#@!. There was a loud bang and the whole crowd ‘oo’ed. I didn’t hurt too much, what hurt more was that after I landed he stabbed me for real with the plastic knife as he plunged it into my gut. I was so surprised because he was supposed to only pretend to stab me, but I ended up trying to stop him from really doing it because it really hurt. After the show he apologised to me, but it wasn’t needed. I thought it was better for dramatic effect. Though, I did walk away with a bruise on my gut where the knife had once been.


Talking about bruises… I sustained many during every show. They didn’t hurt much, but were impressive to show off to people. But, then again, maybe people thought that I had hemophilia or something like that. Trying to find the photos with the impressive bruises, but can’t find them. Sorry. I will try and find a few more photos later and then I will add them.




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