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tempered egos

i was joking around with a friend yesterday — having some faux-competitive ego flexing — when he asked me what i wanted for stakes.

i was momentarily frozen, unable to think of something to wager, almost overwhelmed by the playful competition.  i proclaimed that i was sooo NOT really a competitive person, which lead him to ask, “how can you not be competitive?  you’re job is all about competition!”

and well, the answer is…i am actually competitive.  but, with myself.  i am always feeling like i need to do better.  to do more.  t...Read more

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me time

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Da Reel

This is my current performance reel.  Total frankenstein action on a bunch of things to show some range.  If you are an agent or manager viewing this, the music portion of the video was a pet project I produced and sang.  I wish i had footage to show from a Sci Fi Channel film i shot in December, but it ain’t ready yet!  until then, enjoy this sucker.

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new. head. shot.

whattaya think?

courtesy of miss leigha hodnet (she’s so lovely).visit http://cutebutdeadly.net for more schtuff

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to hoard or not to hoard

once upon a time (or few), i visited Tokyo, Japan.  two of those times i had the pleasure of staying at the famed Park Hyatt.  fantastic.

everything about the park hyatt seemed perfect.  the rooms were understated but luxurious and attractive.  from the moment you step in you feel like royalty.  when you dial the front desk they answer, “hello miss yu.”  i felt special staying there.  it was an ideal vacation in a world far away from this place.  even the skin and hair products they offered in the rooms were awesome.  so of c...Read more

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LA isn’t built for rain

but something in me sure was, and i’m enjoying every moment of it.  in fact, i bought rain boots yesterday because there were four more days of rain forecasted.  and then i probably won’t wear them again all year, but who friggin cares!

anyhow, that isn’t what i really wanted to talk about here today.  what do i want to talk about, you might ask?


no.  not those kind of relationships.  i’m talking professional ones.

see, i was driving in the rain today after dropping off a submission to ...Read more

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cycle of life (photos from NYE)

i’ve been feeling incredibly inspired the last few weeks, and particularly after the new year.  see, i went to vegas to ring in 2010.  now, normally i’m sort of disgusted by vegas.  but something happened this trip.  i saw life in a whole new way.  let me explain…

we had been treated to a nye party at the playboy club in palms casino.  admission, drinks, our room, everything was taken care of.  fantastic.

but no more than 30 minutes after we got to the party, my friend anahi and i couldn’t take the energy of t...Read more

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my shoots in buenos aires and lafayette louisiana CAUTION: bloody, gory fx makeup!

after returning from my little work odyssey the holiday season just sort of swarmed over the land and then i was just too distracted to update.  how terribly neglectful of me.  i’m an awful awful person.  looking back at that last post before i left, i was so abrupt.  so… insensitive.  please forgive me.  it’s a terrible excuse, but i found out at 2pm that i would be leaving the next morning for over 10 days and i had SOOOO much crap to do.  certainly a good lesson to be more ...Read more

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forgive me

it’s been way too long since i’ve updated.  but as a distraction…

i have a few more photos from my shoot this past summer with lee clower i have yet to post.  some of them more risque actually.  part of me is afraid to post them up because… well… i know my mom looks ...Read more

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