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Journey to the East

i left for taiwan at 12:10am on wednesday with a 2+ hour layover in seoul, korea. it's been nice to be with my family, but challenging in other, more emotional ways.

we went to the country and saw grandma yesterday. it was kind of intense. the intensive care unit only opens up visit...Read more

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Fits and Starts

So, yesterday was kind of a rough day in the life of Patty. I mean...not reeeeaaaallly. I have a roof over my head. I have food to eat. I have the clothes on my back (and the stupid amount of clothes in my closet). But as much as I was trying to see all the positives about my "A" agency dropping me, I couldn't help but get bummed. Fuck, I got BUMMED.

By the way, did I tell you I'm taking a break from the booze and ganja as a new years resolution? Uh...ok, I know I didn't, it's my own damn blog. So yeah...Read more

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Peaks and Valleys

So, i hit a major speed bump in my career today. My agent Melissa calls me from her cell and says she has bad news. Uh oh...i knew what was coming. Innovative cut the breakout division. Completely axed it. They made major cuts in their client roster, and unfortunately I have the misfortune of getting cut. The only clients they kept from that division were those who were currently on a show or film, or recently booked a substantial gig. For example, one of Melissa's clients is Read more

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Maybe I Jinxed Myself

Gah, I got released from the Verizon spot damnit!! haha! But you see, people, this is what actors go through. You almost get the job, you don't the job. Sometimes you get the job, but the spot doesn't ever make it on the air. And then sometimes you REALLY get the job, and the spot airs a ton and you make lots of $$$$$.

THANKFULLY, my Pizza Hut spot is AIRING! Fuck yeah! This means residual earnings for yours truly. Excellent. If you watch sports much, I think it will mostly be airing during the games. So, you w...Read more

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On Avail

This year feels like it will be really great for whatever reason. Perhaps it is stemming from within myself, but I know it will be a very prosperous year. Pilot season is about to start up, barring the SAG strike, which could still very well happen even though it is a terrible time to strike. Hearing actors whine about not making enough money is met with extreme dismay with the economy the way it is, but at the same time, ma...Read more

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Holiday Reflection

This holiday season has been a strange one for me. For one, I'm not spending it with my whole family, although I am fortunate to spend it with my big brother at the very least. My mom is in Taiwan, and my dad is working in Shanghai. This fall, my mom came to visit the states for several weeks, so she didn't feel like going through the rigmorale of traveling stateside again, and also she stayed behind because my grandmother isn't doing so great. My dad feels it necessary to stay in shanghai for work. the ailing economy has ...Read more

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better late than never

the first thing i have to mention is how lame i feel to title a post "better late than never." haha. but it popped in my head, and then i thought of Alvin Othto Ste...Read more

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Superfuture superfun

once upon a time i was going to visit TOKYO and a friend shows me a site called
Superfuture. anyone looking to consume fashion of all kinds will essentially find locations of all peddlers of COOL mapped out on this site with descrīptions and sometimes store or brand websites. pretty rad.

so, fast forward to this summer, after i had forgotten all about this site, and i was instant messaging with a friend of mine. he sends me these photos of some chick, and s...Read more

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Sister made it on "Brothers.."

I recently worked on the ABC show Brothers and Sisters. It was a small part, a costar, with a whole whopping TWO lines. WHEW! When I tell people I booked this gig, they're generally really excited for me, but I have this little voice in my head that tells me it ain't shit. Why do I do that? I mean, when it comes down to it, this is my first primetime credit (it will show o...Read more

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The Slim Reaper

I had an audition today for the show "Reaper" on the CW network. This year, I've had on average about one audition per month. Ideally, I should be going out once a week, but with the writer's strike earlier this year and the impending SAG strike, most actors have been experiencing "The Great Depression" of acting work this year.

However, this drought has been a prime opportunity for me to work out some of my acting issues. These are all very much internal issues (and probably ego too), that have made m...Read more

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